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BE PART OF THE CHANGE Fireblocks is looking for talented people to join the team.

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Product Marketing Manager - DeFi

New York

About The Position

Join Fireblocks to launch next-generation products and services in decentralized finance (DeFi). The future of finance is blockchain enabled, and Fireblocks is building the tools for leading institutions that are hungry to invest in DeFi. You believe in decentralized technologies, and want to build your career and the new economy on Web3. Work with cutting edge blockchain products targeting institutions with new investment opportunities for both proprietary trading and retail commercial products. 

You are a creative marketer with strong communication skills, who often brings new ideas for content and collateral. You have demonstrated experience working with global marketing, product and sales teams. You have experience turning complex topics like cryptography and cryptocurrency into understandable and informative content.    


  • Own the product launch strategy for DeFi products that support the largest network of hedge funds, market makers, venture capital, and global banks. 
  • Become an expert on DeFi, understand market trends, and work to create the future for financial services.  
  • Work closely with Marketing and Sales to develop effective enablement, programs, and messaging that drive demand for Fireblocks products and services. 
  • Identify product differentiators that help sales best position Fireblocks against competitors.
  • Understand and thrive in an organization that is experiencing hyper-growth, with a work ethic that makes massive goals attainable. 



  • 3-5 years experience in product marketing with experience launching products in the FinTech space or products targeting financial services. 
  • Experience with products and services involving the following: FinTech, cybersecurity, and SaaS. 
  • Formal or personal crypto industry experience is a requirement. You have a passion for cryptocurrencies and the blockchains that power them.
  • Excellent oral, written, and visual communicator while working with highly technical subjects. 
  • Strong technical knowledge, with the ability to dive into and understand technical topics, but also understand and communicate the bigger picture.

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