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BE PART OF THE CHANGE Fireblocks is looking for talented people to join the team.

Automation Engineer

Tel Aviv · Part-time

About The Position

Fireblocks is searching for a Firefighter!

As the first Automation Engineer @ Fireblocks you will be designing, developing and executing tests for our groundbreaking platform from scratch.

You will get deeply familiar with Cryptocurrency, Core C++, Nodejs, React, Android, IOS and other cutting edge technologies.

You can be a student or a seasoned Automation QA, you can be searching for a full or part time job, you can be tall, short, blond or bald.. It doesn’t matter to us. The three requirements you must have are great independence, self-learning abilities and passion (for technology and learning) in spades.

You will also be joining a team that wants to see you grow and reach your highest potential.

We have your back!

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