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BE PART OF THE CHANGE Fireblocks is looking for talented people to join the team.

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Lead Smart Contract Engineer

Tel Aviv

About The Position

Fireblocks provides an all-in-one platform to securely store, transfer, and issue digital assets across your entire ecosystem. 

We’re on a mission to enable every business in the world to securely and easily support digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Today, over 1,500 customers rely on the Fireblocks platform to store, transfer and issue digital assets – and we’re just getting started. We are building the future of financial services on the newest and most innovative technologies and we are looking for smart, motivated and curious people to join us on this journey.

We are looking for a lead engineer for smart contract development. Someone to build up these capabilities and create the infrastructure for the process as well as the expertise of taking smart congrats from conceptualization to production and build a part of building the team around these capabilities as they mature. This is an entrepreneurial opportunity inside the organization for someone with expertise in the domain.


  • Experience developing and deploying complex smart contracts in a production environment on Ethereum
  • Expertise in Solidity development patterns and best practices, including major focus on secure development practices and pitfalls
  • Experience with Ethereum contract development tools and frameworks as well as dev-ops tools for CI/CD processes and operations
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of Ethereum internals including “Yellow paper” / EVM / EIPs and DeFi internals - how different protocols work (smart contract codebase) etc.
  • Good understanding of cross-chain interoperability, L2 technologies - advantage
  • Leadership capabilities, self starter mentality, great communication and strong internal drive to create impact

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