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Pavel Berengoltz VP R&D, Co-Founder

Prior to his role at Fireblocks, Pavel Berengoltz was Director of Mobile Solutions at Check Point Software Technologies, where he managed the development of Check Point’s new emerging technologies, including innovative cybersecurity solutions that allow enterprises and consumers to securely use mobile devices. Prior to his role at Check Point, Pavel was Director of Research of Lacoon Mobile Security, which was acquired by Check Point in April 2015. Prior to that, Pavel worked in Wave Systems as VP R&D of Safend Subsidiary, where he drove the research and development, QA and product management of Safend flagship products. Prior to his role in Wave, Pavel was CTO of Safend, which was acquired by Wave Systems in 2003. Pavel is a former member of the elite Israel 8200 Intelligence unit, where he developed and led multiple cutting edge products.