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Tomer Greenbaum VP of Customer Operations

Prior to his role at Fireblocks, Tomer Greenbaum was head of sales Solutions for mobile security at Check Point Software Technologies, where he managed all presales, post-sales and customer success for Check Point’s mobile security solutions, including collection, creation, and delivery of sales-related knowledge to both company reps and customers. Tomer acted as a source of knowledge for mobile security and worked closely with Check Point’s most strategic customers and partners. Prior to his role at Check Point, Tomer managed the presales and customer success at Lacoon Mobile Security, which was acquired by Check Point in April 2015. Prior to that, Tomer worked in Wave Systems as Director of presales of Safend Subsidiary, where he managed all pre/post-sales teams around the globe, including partners certification, sales, and tech. Safend was acquired by Wave Systems in 2011.