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Fireblocks for Hedge Funds

Meet fiduciary duty without jeopardizing operational efficiency


Protect investor funds with the most battle-tested digital asset wallet

Utilize a trusted and deployed digital asset wallet to protect investor funds from cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Bring investors peace of mind with a platform that has securely transferred over $3 trillion in digital assets.

Fireblocks Network

Start trading across 30+ exchanges from day one

Bring all your exchanges into one secure platform for instant settlement and rebalancing. Ultra-fast, zero confirmation deposits are available for select exchanges.

Why Hedge Funds love Fireblocks

    • Walled Garden Support

      Define user permissions and transaction policies with a robust policy and workflows engine.

    • REST API

      Secure API rails to automate trading strategies.

    • Secured & Insured

      The only insurance policy that protects assets in storage, transfer, and E&O. SOC 2 Type II. ISO certifications in Security (ISO 27001), Cloud (ISO 27017), and Privacy (ISO 27018).

    • 1,100+ Tokens & 30+ Exchanges

      The most comprehensive list of exchanges and tokens.

    • AML/ KYT Integrations

      Streamline compliance with automated KYT screening.