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For Fireblocks Customers

Ask Us Anything – Live Q&A Session

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  • Meet the Experts
  • Shirly Levy CSM
  • Zidi Yang CSM
  • Nir Yakobov CSM
  • Eugene Koh CSM

Whether you’re new to Fireblocks or already a Fireblocks user, our in-house experts are here to enhance your onboarding experience and expand your product knowledge.

About the sessions

Join one of our live Q&A sessions to learn more about Fireblocks and get your questions answered by our experts. We will discuss everything you want to know about configuring your Console and setting yourself up for production.

You can submit questions on the following topics:

  • Configuring your workspace and workspace settings
  • Adding new users
  • Creating and managing user groups
  • Creating vault accounts and Wallets
  • Transferring assets on Fireblocks
  • Connecting to different exchanges and networks
  • Creating your Transaction Authorization Policy
  • The first-match principle
  • Key backup and recovery

Recommended viewing and reading

Before joining a session, we recommend viewing the following videos: