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The Fireblocks Network The Only Secure Way to Move Digital Assets, 24/7

On-chain settlement. No counterparty risk.
The most connected institutional network.

Goodbye operational & security headaches Why use an Asset Transfer Network?

  • No Deposit Addresses
  • No Test Transfers
  • No Whitelisting
  • 55+ Members
  • 25+ Exchanges
  • 200+ Tokens
  • Defense-in-Depth Security
  • A-Rated Insurance (Storage & Transfer)
  • SOC 2 Type II Certified
  • Maximize your balance
 sheet and settle in business days seconds.

    Once you're connected on the network, post-trade settlement is only a few seconds away.

    • Instant settlement between counterparties (55+ members)
    • Automatic deposit address rotation & management
    • Free MPC Wallets for non-members (coming soon)
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  • Enable your team to move as fast as the market — even when you’re sleeping.

    With 25+ exchanges connected to the Fireblocks Network, you can execute any trading strategy and operate 24/7 all from one platform.

    • Rebalance between wallets & exchanges in minutes
    • Easily customize transfer policies & automate sign-off
    • Connect to all your exchanges with a single API
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  • Make working together 
a no-brainer.

    Fireblocks members love working with each other because settlement is fast, operations are easy and security is a non-issue.

    • Connect with liquidity providers & lending desks
    • Discover new partners & counterparties
    • Increase brand visibility
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  • Battle Tested Security – $30Bn Transferred to Date

    Fireblocks protects private keys, deposit addresses, and API credentials against external cyber attacks and internal fraud using patent-pending technology.

    • Defense-in-depth security (MPC with SGX hardware layer)
    • Utilize MPC-CMP algorithm (8x faster than industry standard)
    • Support hot, cold & warm configurations
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An Asset Transfer Network enables the secure, instantaneous, and on-chain transfer of assets between institutions, exchanges, custodians, wallets, and banks.

  • The Fireblocks Network is the most secure and connected Asset Transfer Network in the world today with 55+ members, 26+ exchanges, and support for over 200 tokens. With the Fireblocks Network, whitelisting, deposit address management, and test transfers are completely unnecessary, reducing post-trade operations from business days to seconds.

  • The Fireblocks Network is secured using a Defense-in-Depth security strategy that layers MPC (multi-party computation) with hardware isolation.

  • Digital assets on the Fireblocks Network are insured during the storage and transfer process by an A-rated provider. To learn more about our insurance policy and options please contact us today.

  • The Fireblocks Network is available today. Request access here.

The Fireblocks Network Join The Most Connected Institutional Network In The World

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