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Find out why The largest institutional players have already switched to Fireblocks.

Our Clients Say

"Since implementing Fireblocks, we’ve had some of our best months in terms of increasing trading volume"
Max Boonen Max Boonen
Founder & CEO, B2C2

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Unlike anything you've tried beforeFireblocks brings an end to insecure and inefficient digital asset operations

  • Quickly Move Funds Between Exchanges, Wallets & Counterparties

    No more copy & pasting deposit addresses or re-entering the password for every wallet and exchange. Securely move assets across 26+ exchanges, counterparties, hot wallets, and custodians all from one platform.

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  • Keep Digital Assets Readily Available

    Operate at the speed you want. Safely store digital assets in the Fireblocks MPC-based Hot Vault to enjoy the peace of mind of cold storage with the convenience and accessibility of a hot wallet.

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  • Automate Governance & Controls

    Meet regulatory requirements using the most powerful workflow authorization engine. Customize transaction policies and approve them from anywhere.

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We've Got You Covered

From insurance to compliance to security, Fireblocks is an enterprise-ready platform. Not only are we SOC 2 Type II certified and regularly pen-tested by the NCC Group and ComSec, we also have an unprecedented insurance policy within our industry.

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There's a better way to transfer digital assets Scale your operations without sacrificing security.

Fireblocks streamlines operations by bringing all your exchanges, OTCs, counterparties, hot wallets, and custodians into one platform. Wallets, deposit addresses, and API credentials are secured using patent-pending chip isolation technology and the newest breakthrough in cryptography (MPC). Institutions are using Fireblocks to move funds securely in seconds – instead of hours.

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white paper Fireblocks: The End-to-End Security Platform for Transferring Digital Assets

While blockchain technology itself is extremely secure, the nature of digital asset transactions is not. Digital asset theft and crypto breaches are a far too common occurrence due to several attack vectors that digital asset transfers are exposed to. Download the whitepaper to find out how Fireblocks protects digital assets in motion.

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