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COMPLIANCE INTEGRATIONS Easily configure and automate compliance for digital assets

Fireblocks compliance integrations are the simplest way for compliance teams to meet evolving digital asset regulatory requirements and address the latest industry threats. Fireblocks partners with industry-leading digital asset compliance solutions to provide real-time transaction monitoring directly from the Fireblocks platform.

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Compliance built into your transaction flow

  • Transaction Screening

    Enable real-time transaction screening, risk scoring, and compliance actions for all inbound and outbound transactions.

  • Wallet Screening

    Automate address screening to identify potentially risky wallets before they interact with your platform.

  • Travel Rule

    Automatically generate Travel Rule reports for transfers and validate requests from other providers across jurisdictions.

Save compliance teams time and resources

AUTOMATED SCREENING Integrate compliance checks into every transaction

Every transaction is automatically screened based on your configured compliance policy rules and the compliance providers’ data, preventing your teams from sending transactions to risky wallets. Compliance teams can also freeze inbound transactions from potentially risky wallets to assess compliance before using the funds.

COMPLIANCE POLICY RULES Easily configure compliance policy rules based on your requirements

With the Fireblocks Policy Engine, you can configure transaction rules based on your company’s compliance policies and risk scores generated by the integrated compliance providers.

COMPLIANCE DASHBOARD A single dashboard for your compliance operations

Fireblocks enables you to manage policy rules for each compliance solution provider directly through the Fireblocks console to avoid the complexity of managing multiple platforms.

Fireblocks Compliance Solutions Suite

Customize your compliance solution to best suit your organization’s needs, from Chainalysis and Elliptic for KYT/AML to Notabene for Travel Rule.

KYT/AML Protection

Implementing Know Your Transaction (KYT) protocols helps your business prevent interactions with bad actors and stay in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations. Chainalysis and Elliptic provide solutions to screen and flag transactions linked to sanctioned entities and high-risk addresses or activity patterns. Both providers screen inbound and outbound transactions, putting you in full control of who you transact with.

  • Chainalysis

    Industry-leading KYT/AML monitoring and dataset

  • Elliptic

    Cross-chain crypto screening and risk management

Travel Rule Compliance

The new FATF Travel Rule requires virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to collect and disclose specific customer data when transacting digital assets over a particular value threshold. Global jurisdictions currently have different disclosure and threshold requirements with varied enforcement. Businesses need a solution that allows them to manage and comply with Travel Rule requirements across jurisdictions to ensure compliance for their business and its counterparties.

  • Notabene

    End-to-end Travel Rule compliance solution for VASPs

COMPLIANCE INTEGRATIONS Customize your compliance solution suite today

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