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Fireblocks for Market Makers & Prop Traders

Boost operational efficiency and drive balance sheet optimization

Max Boonen

Founder & CEO

By connecting our back - and middle- office systems to Fireblocks' API, we have multiplied our settlement throughput with an extremely lean team. That operational efficiency translates into tighter spreads and lower balance sheet consumption for both our clients and ourselves, contributing to a more efficient market.
How Woorton optimized their balance sheet with Fireblocks

Connect, Settle, Repeat

Bring all your exchanges, counterparties, and trading venues into one secure platform for instant settlement and rebalancing. Fireblocks provides secure rails to 30+ exchanges from day one.


Eliminate manual & risky processes

Fireblocks battle-tested security platform protects digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error so your team can speed up operations without jeopardizing security.

Why market makers and prop traders love Fireblocks

    • Zero confirmation deposits

      Fireblocks Network members receive zero confirmation deposits on top global exchanges.

    • 1,100+ tokens & 40+ protocols

      A comprehensive and growing list of token support.

    • Fiat Integrations

      Support SEN and SIG for unified treasury operations.