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Tokenization Simplify tokenization

Deploy stablecoins and security tokens with the most secure and robust tokenization engine. Manage the full lifecycle for minting, burning, and token transfer on Fireblocks.

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Introducing Tokenization Turnkey Token Issuance & Management

Launch your next stablecoin or security token project with Fireblocks' tokenization platform. Built on top of the existing security layers of the Fireblocks platform to provide hyper-secure token management workflows.

Tokenize any asset Create stablecoins & security-tokens

Fireblocks' asset tokenization platform helps financial institutions and payment service providers to enable the creation and redemption of fiat-backed stablecoins, management of smart contracts, whitelisting approval, and secure custody.

Secure Token Storage & Transfer Securely mint, burn, custody, and transfer

Ensure customer and investor tokens are insulated against any attack. Fireblocks' battle-tested crypto security platform protects digital assets in custody, during transfer to/from counterparties, and from any unauthorized transfer or minting of coins.

Day-to-day token operations Powerful token management

Fireblocks' asset tokenization platform provides token operators with a powerful and easy-to-use operations dashboard to effectively manage daily token operations across your entire token ecosystem.

We couldn’t enable 24/7 minting if we were doing this manually, which is tripling our profitability. It makes the Fireblocks tokenization platform a no-brainer.

Ken Nakamura CEO

Implementation power-ups developed for payment teams

  • Multi-blockchain support

    End to end life-cycle management of tokens on Avalanche, BNB Chain, ETH (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC 1400, ERC-3643), Polygon, and Stellar.

  • Robust developer API

    Secure REST API for automation and token issuance.

  • Easy to use tokenization dashboard

    Seamless asset servicing: investor whitelisting, governance and execution of corporate actions.

Ready to get started? Join the largest institutional players managing token issuance with Fireblocks' asset tokenization platform.

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