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Fireblocks Professional Services Advance your digital asset operations

The Fireblocks Professional Services Team is a team of in-house technical experts that will provide you with the dedicated training and support that your team needs to best utilize Fireblocks. From blockchain industry basics to complex technical implementations, our roster of the industry’s best and brightest are ready to add more value to your business, and help you accelerate your business outcomes.

Business Consultation & Education

A customized program that will be created according to your team’s needs. This program is best suited for you if:

  • You are looking to deepen your team’s knowledge on specific topics, and learn how to apply the knowledge to further your business goals
  • You have new team members that need to be onboarded and equipped with best practices on utilizing Fireblocks
  • You would like to explore using Fireblocks in advanced ways, such as (but not limited to):
    • How to build an NFT Marketplace or a Web3 ApplicationPlatform
    • Treasury Management
    • Digital Asset Custody
    • Best practices for implementing DeFi Trading
    • Cross Border Payments
    • Web3 Gaming
    • Tokenization
    • Staking
    • Smart Contract Security and Management
    • Wallets for Retail Applications

Used for

  • Education Bootcamp: Fundamentals of Crypto and Blockchain
  • Onboarding: Training and enablement for new team members

Advanced Technical  Configuration

For customers who require advanced console applications, customized integrations for their tech stack, or modifications to their instance of the Fireblocks architecture. This service covers:

  • Implementation of complex transaction policies
  • AML support or integration with your third party AML provider 
  • Building of custom reports
  • Configuration of APIs and signing methods
  • Setup of cloud configurations
  • Implementation of other advanced features such as Walled Garden, Off-Exchange, or Cold Storage, and more

Used for

  • Implementation and configuration of co-signer, i.e. high-availability, callback.
  • Guidance on designing the best wallet infrastructure for your unique business or use case.
  • Extraction of digital assets stuck in transit.
  • Development of a custom transaction flow.

Certification Program for Partners

For partners who are looking to become certified Fireblocks resellers.

The three-week program consists of online independent learning components and in-person training, and will cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Blockchain & Crypto basics
  • Fireblocks security and deployment
  • Workshops on advanced technical implementation and use cases for:
    • Tokenization
    • DeFi
    • Web3
    • Staking
    • NFTs
  • Hands-on labs for:
    • Fireblocks API
    • DeFi
    • Tokenization
    • Transaction Authorization Policy (TAP)
    • Staking

Accredited Feature Builder

For customers who want to become an accredited feature builder on Fireblocks.

The three-week program will be customized according to the nature of the feature you will be implementing on Fireblocks. The program consists of online independent learning components and in-person training, and will cover topics similar (but not identical) to the Certification Program for Partners.

Used for

Customers who have the in-house resources to build, implement, and maintain features on Fireblocks.

Management of Policies

For customers who prefer the Fireblocks Support team to assist with managing their policies instead of utilizing the self-serve policy editor. This service can be used to edit any or all of these – TAP, Confirmation Policy, AML Policy, Travel-Rule, User Groups.

Used for

Customers who wants the Fireblocks’ support team to create and edit the policies upon their request

Enterprise Solutions

For customers who require complex enterprise-level deployments and custom feature development outside of what’s currently available on Fireblocks. A team of in-house technical experts, dedicated solely to working directly with large-scale enterprises, will provide highly customized white glove support in the entire process of implementing your front and back office integrations.

This service also includes access to our partner network of System Integrators, if required.

Used for

Development of a business-critical customer feature

To support the growth of FV Bank, we’ve had to expand our team rapidly. To assist with the training and development of new team members, we enlisted the Fireblocks Business Consultation & Education service as part of the onboarding process. The efficient one-week training program equipped our team with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the Fireblocks workspace and strengthen our client servicing levels in a timely manner.

Esther Guttman Head of Custody

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a customer or partner purchase these services?

New customers or partners who require large-scale Enterprise deployment support should work with the SD, SE, Solutions, or Project Management teams before a deal is finalized in order to properly scope the extent of technical deployment assistance required. A mutually agreed upon Statement of Work will then be written. All other services listed are intended for purchase by existing customers or partners who request additional post-sales assistance that exceed the support provided as part of their Global Support Services tier. Existing customers or partners should work with their Account Manager to purchase these services.

2. What professional services are excluded from this offering?

Fireblocks cannot offer support for all from and back office application integrations, Blockchain Development, Smart-contract development or auditings, staking capabilities, API development or Security service activities (PT, Surface Attack Scanning, Secure Code Training). These activities will be referred to our trusted partner network.

Interested in Fireblocks Professional Services? Please reach out to your Fireblocks Sales Representative or Account Manager to discuss