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Deliver innovation faster with a dedicated team of experts

Fireblocks Professional Services combines industry and blockchain expertise to help our customers design, develop, and launch innovative solutions using Fireblocks. From guiding new blockchain development teams to designing bespoke implementations, our in-house technical experts have partnered with hundreds of customers of all sizes to bring new solutions to market quickly and exceed your business goals.

Hands-on technical expertise

    • Solution Engineers

      Receive guidance and technical expertise from a solution engineer to develop and launch your solution on Fireblocks.

    • Enterprise Architects

      Enlist a certified Fireblocks architect to help design a secure and scalable integration into your technology stack.

    • Project Managers

      Ensure that you meet your development, delivery, and quality milestones with a dedicated project manager.

Advanced configuration services

    • SSO Integrations

      Integrate Fireblocks with your preferred single sign-on provider, such as Okta and Google Workspace.

    • Compliance Integrations

      Configure AML, KYT, and Travel Rule policies to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements.

    • Platform Features

      Implement advanced Fireblocks features such as cold storage and private blockchains.

    • Infrastructure Configurations

      Engineer tailored infrastructure configurations such as regional and hosted deployments.

Dedicated training sessions

    • Product Training

      Empower your product and development teams to become Fireblocks and blockchain experts with dedicated training sessions.

    • Operational Training

      Ensure your operations team implement and follow Fireblocks best practices for workspace security, governance, and access controls.

Esther Guttman

Head of Custody

The efficient one-week training program equipped our team with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the Fireblocks workspace and strengthen our client servicing levels in a timely manner.

Level up your business with the right professional services package

Quick Start

Quick Start Plus


Launch Plus

Hands-on technical expertise
Solution Engineer 10 hours 15 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Enterprise Architect - -
Project Manager - -
Advanced configuration support
SSO Integrations -
Compliance Configurations -
Platform Features - -
Infrastructure Features - - -
Dedicated training sessions
Product Training -
Operational Training - - -
Package Validity 3 months 3 months 6 months 6 months

Quick Start Packages

Launch Packages

Custom Services Package


Enhance your Fireblocks journey with Professional Services add-ons

    • Business Consultation and Education Program

      Deepen your team’s business and technical knowledge on a range of topics with a customized consultation and education program from Fireblocks experts.

    • Advanced Technical Services

      Dedicated solution engineering to help with your technical requirements from configuring automation workflows and policy rules to bespoke integrations and reporting.

    • Enterprise Solution Services

      In-house technical experts to help advance your businesses who require large-scale enterprise deployments or custom feature development outside of what’s currently available on Fireblocks.