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Build engaging Web3 experiences
for every user

Web3 businesses require a single platform to secure their treasury, create wallets for users, and manage smart contract operations. Fireblocks provides an end-to-end solution to build, secure, and manage Web3 applications, games, and experiences.

The Building Blocks for Your Web3 Business

      • A command center for your Web3 operations

        Easily view, manage, and control every wallet and transaction across all your teams

      • Customize policies to secure your treasury

        Configure user roles, transaction policies, and approval workflows without compromising on efficiency

      • Gain visibility into transactions across internal wallets

        Effortlessly track, identify and audit every transaction to and from your internal wallets

      • Easily use your treasury to pay for everyday operations

        Manage whitelisted addresses and create transaction approvals to pay your vendors and contractors

      • Quickly and seamlessly off ramp crypto

        Easily convert crypto to fiat or stablecoins across 30+ connected exchanges

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      • Embed Web3 Wallets directly into your customer experience

        Provide new-to-Web3 users with their first wallet directly from your website or mobile app without touching crypto

      • Scale to millions of Web3 users

        Easily create millions of Web3 Wallets with complete automation at scale with Fireblocks APIs

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      • Create a safe experience for your users

        Control and secure the user experience with configurable transaction policies

      • Wallet support for 50+ blockchains

        Support for every major blockchain and token standard such as ERC, BEP, SPL, and more

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      • Secure and control your smart contracts

        Deploy and control NFT smart contracts from secure MPC wallets

      • Configure governance policies for NFT and token operations

        Granular user permissions and admin approvals for minting, transfers, and other contract operations

      • Manage how developers build on-chain

        Set policies for interacting with whitelisted smart contracts to protect against malicious contracts

      • Automate your NFT and token operations

        Mint and transfer NFTs and utility tokens at scale, directly to your users’ in-app wallets


Scalable wallets, secure treasury management, and powerful automation tools

Provide a familiar onboarding experience for new-to-Web3 users

Embed Web3 Wallets directly into your account creation flow to reduce onboarding friction for new-to-Web3 users.

Customize policies to secure and control your Web3 operations

Protect your treasury and smart contract operations with configurable transaction policies and automated approval workflows that you can easily track.

Automate the end-to-end NFT and token lifecycle

Fully automate minting, airdrops, and transfers to millions of Web3 Wallets via the Fireblocks API.

Designed for developers

A powerful set of Web3 development tools to build, automate, and scale your Web3 product quickly and securely.

Developer Portal
    • Automate

      Streamline your backend by automating wallet creation, transaction signing, NFT minting, policy approval workflows, and more.

      REST API &SDKs
    • Simplify

      Plug and play your existing Web3 product to Fireblocks with the tools, frameworks, and libraries you already use, across JavaScript, Python, and more.

      Support for Hardhat, ethers.js, web3.js,
    • Scale

      Scale to millions of wallets and transactions without compromising on security or efficiency.

      Wallets-as-a-Service API

Ravi Krishnan

Head of Flipkart Labs

Flipkart is happy to partner with Fireblocks’ wallet-as-a-service infrastructure to launch our latest Web3-based brand engagement and loyalty program, which is built to serve our mobile-first customer base of more than 450 million users, offering over 150 million products across over 80 categories.
Why Flipkart chose Fireblocks

Securing and scaling the leading Web3 businesses