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Fireblocks for OTC Desks & Brokerage Firms Transform settlement operations and strengthen security

Charlie Meraud

We were losing 1 - 2 hours per day just to settle in a safe environment. We needed a solution that would reduce the time we were losing and to increase the speed of our capability to settle and rebalance on exchanges. Fireblocks helped us optimize the use of our balance sheet.
How Woorton optimized their balance sheet with Fireblocks

Fireblocks NetworkRebalance & settle in seconds

No more slow, manual, and error-prone settlement processes. With the Fireblocks Network, you get secure rails to 1,800+ trading venues, liquidity providers, counterparties, and lending desks.

Policy & Workflow EngineManage risk across a distributed team

Customize user permissions and asset transfer policies to fit your workflow. With Fireblocks’ robust policy engine, you can securely scale even with a distributed operations team.

Institutional DeFiExpand into DeFi trading, lending and yield farming

Securely access the full range of DeFi protocols with the Fireblocks DeFi API and Browser Extension for a complete institutional-grade solution that encompasses operational security, efficiency, and compliance.

Why OTC desks and broker dealers love Fireblocks

    • Largest institutional digital asset transfer network

      1,800+ trading venues, liquidity providers, lending desks.

    • Fiat Integrations

      BLINC by BCB allows you to transfer fiat like crypto on the Fireblocks Network.

    • 1,100+ tokens & 40+ protocols

      A comprehensive and growing list of token support.

    • Deposit address management

      No deposit address whitelisting or test transfers.

    • AML / KYT integrations

      Automate compliance with AML / KYT screening.

    • Zero confirmation deposits

      Fireblocks Network members receive zero confirmation deposits on top global exchanges.