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KYC-friendly DeFi Access Permissioned DeFi with Fireblocks

Tap into the first permissioned DeFi market directly from Fireblocks’ secure wallet infrastructure. Sign up today to get started.

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DeFi for Compliance-Conscious Institutions Why Permissioned DeFi?

Regulated institutions cannot access DeFi due to compliance and regulatory concerns. Permissioned DeFi changes that. Within a permissioned DeFi market, all participants are KYC/KYB verified and AML compliant, providing even the most regulated of institutions to access DeFi easily and securely.

“The launch of Aave Arc is a pivotal moment in DeFi. As a result of Fireblocks making institutional access to DeFi pools possible, companies like ours are able to create new products for our customers. We are excited to be among the first institutions to be whitelisted.”

Rich Rosenblum Co-Founder and President

The first permissioned DeFi market
for institutions

Safely enter DeFi and operate with full regulatory confidence. Permissioned DeFi is a liquidity pool market designed to be compliant with AML regulations. Fireblocks is the first active whitelister for Aave Arc, Aave’s permissioned DeFi liquidity pool. As a whitelister, Fireblocks has an exclusive gateway to approve KYC and whitelist institutions to participate in Aave Arc for supplying and borrowing.

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  • Dedicated, regulated entity to KYC Customers
  • Automated AML Monitoring Capabilities
  • Easy to use, Secure DeFi gateways
  • MPC-CMP Wallets & Multi-layer Security
  • SOC 2 Type II Certified

Hedge against DeFi disruption

Avoid AUM flight for direct DeFi investment by providing easy access to DeFi yield via Fireblocks’ DeFi on-ramp for Aave Arc.

Offer higher yields on USDC, BTC, ETH, AAVE

Utilize Fireblocks’ KYC on-ramp to offer Aave’s industry-leading yields for supplying liquidity of USDC, BTC, ETH, and AAVE.

*Fireblocks does not offer yield products. Rates displayed are provided by third parties, and are illustrative only. Actual rates may vary. Fireblocks makes no representations as to any third-party yield products nor any associated rates. All third party products and services are subject to such third party’s Terms and Conditions.

5% APY on USDC*

Launch innovative institutional products

Expand your product mix with new DeFi yield strategies for a more diversified offering of interest-bearing products.

Break down barriers for customers to access DeFi and grow AUM

Add a new revenue stream when you offer institutional customers faster, easier and more secure access to DeFi.

$100B+ total value locked in DeFi

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