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DIGITAL ASSET TRANSFER NETWORKThe entire crypto capital markets ecosystem at your fingertips

Say goodbye to complicated, manual, and risky settlement workflows. Connect to over 1,800 liquidity partners, trading venues, and counterparties on the Fireblocks Network. The all-in-one platform for instant settlement, rebalancing, and payments.

TRADE ON ANY EXCHANGEDirect connectivity to 30+ exchanges

The Fireblocks Network connects you to 30+ exchanges and 1,100+ tokens from day one. You can securely execute any digital asset trading strategy and operate 24/7, all from a single platform.

CONNECT AND TRADE1,800+ institutional counterparties

With the Fireblocks Network, you have access to the entire crypto capital markets ecosystem. Directly connect to thousands of the largest liquidity providers, lending desks, banks, and market makers through the Fireblocks Console or API.

SECURELY TRANSFERManage connections, not deposit addresses

The Fireblocks Network eliminates cyber threats, internal fraud and human error by automatically managing and rotating deposit addresses across all your counterparties.

The Fireblocks Network

    • Capital Market Connectivity

      The Fireblocks Network connects to every major exchange, OTC, liquidity provider, and trading venue from day one.

    • Exchange Rebalancing

      Rebalance across spot, derivative, and sub-accounts all from one crypto transfer network.

    • Widest Token Support

      With support for 1,100+ tokens, any ERC-20, and 50+ protocols, Fireblocks offers the widest support in the industry.

    • Instant Settlement

      Connect and settle instantly with any counterparty or trading venue on the network. Confirmations are customizable based on your risk and security policies.

    • Deposit Address Management

      Deposit addresses are automatically authenticated and rotated across your entire ecosystem.

    • Robust REST API

      The Fireblocks API makes it easy to automate settlement operations.

    • FIAT banking Integration

      BLINC by BCB enables fiat/crypto settlement in GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD, SGD, and JPY.

Delfos Machado

Managing Partner

With the Fireblocks Network, we've gained peace of mind of adding new counterparts without going through the whole process of whitelisting, checking, and testing all their wallets on an ongoing basis.
Why Dunamis Trading chose Fireblocks