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STAKING Simplify and secure your staking operations

Connecting to validators, managing rewards, and understanding the intricacies of staking on each blockchain is operationally complex and time-consuming. Fireblocks Staking provides an easy-to-use dashboard to stake and manage rewards through institutional validators and SDKs to embed staking services directly into your application, all from a single platform.

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A single platform to securely stake across blockchains

STAKING DASHBOARD The simplest way for institutions to stake

Fireblocks Staking dashboard makes it easy to track and manage your staking positions and rewards in real-time. Operations teams can also effortlessly view detailed reports to audit every staking transaction.

STAKING TRANSACTION POLICIES Protect your staking operations

Fireblocks Policy Engine allows you to configure staking transaction policies and automate approval workflows. This enables your teams to quickly enter and exit staking positions without sacrificing efficiency or security.

DIRECT CUSTODY Avoid the counterparty risk of staking on a centralized exchange

Stake directly from your secure Fireblocks wallets and remain in control of your private keys while staking. Fireblocks also eliminates the need to create and manage multiple staking-specific wallets.

STAKING SDK Deliver new staking services for your customers

Fireblocks Staking SDKs enable you to quickly integrate staking directly into your application. Our SDKs support the top proof-of-stake blockchains, so you can provide customers with more ways to earn rewards.

STAKING VALIDATORS Leverage institutional staking validator providers

Fireblocks integrates with Kiln and Figment, so you can delegate tokens directly from the Fireblocks platform to institutional-grade staking validators.

More ways to stake with Fireblocks

  • Console

    Easily stake Solana with one click and manage your staking positions directly from the Fireblocks console.
    Support for Ethereum coming soon.

  • SDKs

    Integrate staking into your application for 7 blockchains with minimal effort using Fireblocks Staking SDKs.

  • Liquid Staking

    Maximize liquidity with secure access to liquid staking dApps such as Lido, Rocket Pool, Frax, and more.

STAKING Start staking on Fireblocks today

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