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Digital Asset Treasury Management Crypto

The most secure and powerful digital asset treasury management

Fireblocks provides an easy-to-use solution that enables you to secure your digital assets, manage day-to-day treasury operations, connect to exchanges, access DeFi, and interact with your trading counterparties.


The command center for
your digital asset operations

    • Security

      Fireblocks eliminates a single point of private key compromise by combining MPC-CMP and secure hardware enclaves, and is the only CCSS Level III, SOC2 Type II, and ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified platform.

    • Governance

      Protect your digital treasury asset operations from internal collusion and attackers. The Fireblocks Policy Engine provides the flexibility to configure granular transaction and user controls to meet your governance and risk requirements.

    • Liquidity

      Connect your business to the digital asset trading ecosystem. The Fireblocks Network is the only digital asset transfer network that allows you to securely connect with exchanges, DeFi apps, institutional counterparties, and liquidity providers.

    • All-in-One Platform

      Run your entire digital asset business on an intuitive interface that enables you to secure tokens and NFTs, manage day-to-day operations, enforce governance, on/off-ramp crypto, interact with DeFi and Web3 apps, and meet compliance requirements.

Fireblocks has secured over $45B in digital assets under custody


Protect digital assets against insider threats and attackers

The Fireblocks Policy Engine is the governance layer for your digital asset treasury operations. It enables you to configure granular transaction policies for every type of operation, including transfers to counterparties and exchanges, DeFi trading, staking, and more. The Policy Engine provides a flexible transaction and user governance framework to meet your risk requirements.


Direct connectivity to the digital asset trading ecosystem

The Fireblocks Network is a secure transfer network to instantly move digital assets across 30+ exchanges and fiat providers, and connect with over 1,800 liquidity providers and institutional counterparties. The Network automatically authenticates deposit addresses to avoid manual and error-prone deposit address entry.


A single interface to manage your entire digital asset business

The Fireblocks Console is an intuitive interface to manage and secure treasury operations across wallets, trading venues, DeFi, staking, and Web3. The platform provides operations teams with visibility on all their digital asset treasury operations so they can effortlessly track and audit every transaction.


AML and KYT compliance with integrated transaction monitoring

Fireblocks provides real-time AML/KYT transaction monitoring through our integrations with Chainalysis and Elliptic and Travel Rule support with Notabene. Set automated screening policies based on your risk profiles that flag or freeze transactions involving addresses associated with risky or non-compliant activity.

David Kuhno


Non-technical, non-crypto native individuals, like our legal and tax directors, are integral to our chain activity. We need them involved in our smart contract operations. We went with Fireblocks because it was the most secure and easy-to-use solution when working with our non-technical, non-crypto native team members for on-chain transactions and activities.
Find out how Karate Combat uses Fireblocks
Securing digital asset treasury for the leading companies

A single platform for all your digital asset treasury operations needs

    • Staking

      Stake ETH and SOL directly from the Fireblocks Console with an easy-to-use dashboard to track and manage rewards.

    • DeFi

      Securely access the largest network of DeFi apps across 20+ EVM and non-EVM blockchains, such as Solana, Algorand, NEAR, Ethereum, and more.

    • Multi-Blockchain Support

      Fireblocks supports over 50+ blockchains and the leading token standards for Web3 and NFTs, such as ERC, BEP, SPL, and more.

    • Hot, Warm, and Cold MPC Wallets

      Fireblocks provides a single solution for hot, warm, and cold wallets, allowing you to seamlessly sweep between storage environments.

    • Integration with Trading Platforms

      Fireblocks directly integrates with leading institutional crypto OEMS like Talos and AlgoTrader.

    • Insurance

      Fireblocks is the first MPC wallet provider with cyber insurance, that can offer dedicated Specie insurance through our insurance broker partners.

Securing digital asset treasury operations for the leading companies