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Institutional DeFi Access Fireblocks DeFi

Access DeFi apps for trading, lending, and staking with enterprise-grade protection and fully customizable governance & policy control. Design the most profitable DeFi portfolio by trading on decentralized exchanges (DEX), and implementing staking and yield farming strategies across any protocol.

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Securely Access DeFi Across EVM and Non-EVM Chains

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Our main access to DeFi is through Fireblocks’ solution, which is well secured, but also a quick way to trade on DeFi protocols. They facilitate the interaction of clients directly with them too, such as Aave Arc, which we’re excited about and looking forward to.

Alessandro Balata Portfolio Manager

Three ways to tap into DeFi

  • Fireblocks DeFi API

    The Fireblocks DeFi API enables programmatic access to DeFi, while extending Fireblocks' MPC and SGX protection and governance policies to every DeFi contract.

  • Native DeFi access with WalletConnect

    Fireblocks’ WalletConnect integration offers the most convenient and secure way to connect to your DeFi trading, lending and staking strategies, right from the Fireblocks console.

  • Fireblocks DeFi Browser Extension

    Interact with DeFi protocols through a web app extension, which feeds the requested DeFi transaction to your Fireblocks vault to extend pre-configured policies and MPC signing to protect keys and transfers.

Enterprise-grade security and governance for DeFi

Access and move funds on and off DeFi apps within a Secure Transfer Environment, protected by a combination of MPC wallet technology and Intel SGX hardware. Utilize the Fireblocks workflow authorization engine to create a policy system around DeFi protocols, exchanges and apps for users who execute on DeFi trading strategies, to prevent accidental or malicious transactions.

Battle-tested security platform
110.47B Total Value Locked in DeFi

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The integration between Compound and Fireblocks allows us to deploy systematic DeFi credit strategies while maintaining the highest level of fund security on an institutional-grade platform.

Kevin Yedid-Botton CEO