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Fireblocks Defi Move at the speed of the market with enterprise-grade security

Institutional investors require flexibility to quickly deploy new DeFi strategies while maintaining secure trading operations. Fireblocks provides DeFi access on 20+ blockchains and enable you to manage trading operations with enterprise-grade wallet security and transaction governance.

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Securely Access DeFi Across EVM and Non-EVM Chains

Our main access to DeFi is through Fireblocks’ solution, which is well secured, but also a quick way to trade on DeFi protocols. They facilitate the interaction of clients directly with them too.

Alessandro Balata Portfolio Manager

Enterprise-grade security and governance for DeFi trading

Configure transaction policies, automate, and track approval workflows on the Fireblocks Policy Engine 一 the governance layer for your DeFi operations. Admins can enforce policies around DeFi apps access and users’ DeFi trade execution, to prevent accidental or malicious transactions.

Fireblocks Policy Engine

More ways to access DeFi

  • MetaMask Institutional

    Fireblocks’ MetaMask Institutional integration gives you access to a suite of portfolio management solutions for your DeFi trading operations.

  • WalletConnect

    Fireblocks’ WalletConnect integration allows you to connect to EVM and non-EVM DeFi apps, directly from the Fireblocks console.

  • Fireblocks DeFi API

    Fireblocks DeFi API enables programmatic access to smart contracts, while extending Fireblocks’ security to every DeFi interaction.

  • Fireblocks DeFi Browser Extension

    Fireblocks Browser Extension lets you connect to DeFi apps anywhere MetaMask is supported with an easy-to-use interface.

Metamask institutional Institutional portfolio management for DeFi and Web3

Fireblocks integrates with MetaMask Institutional to provide a single dashboard to track your DeFi positions, view performance and P&L attribution, generate portfolio snapshots, natively swap tokens, and more.

Fireblocks announces integration with MetaMask Institutional

Easily manage your DeFi connections

Fireblocks Web3 Access provides a single view to manage all your connected DeFi apps across multiple blockchains, so you can quickly and easily access DeFi apps, remove connections, and change your connected wallets and blockchains.

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The integration between Compound and Fireblocks allows us to deploy systematic DeFi credit strategies while maintaining the highest level of fund security on an institutional-grade platform.

Kevin Yedid-Botton CEO

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