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Fireblocks for Lending Desks Securely scale retail flow and boost capital efficiency

Wallet-as-a-Service Build your lending desk on the most secure & flexible wallet infrastructure

Make the switch from legacy wallet infrastructure to strengthen security, increase operational speed, and expand token support.

MPC Wallet As a Service

Why lending desks love Fireblocks

  • Support 1,100+ tokens & 40+ exchanges

    The most comprehensive token and exchange support, including 35 blockchain protocols.

  • Deposit address management at scale

    No more deposit address whitelisting or test transfers.

  • Customizable user permissions

    Define user and asset transfer permissions to fit your workflows.

  • Robust REST API

    Securely automate customer deposits & withdrawals.

  • Zero confirmation deposits

    Fireblocks Network members receive instant deposits on top global exchanges.

  • Turnkey migration & fastest time to deployment

    Minimum engineering resources required to make the switch.

  • Efficient & cost effective ERC-20 fee management

    Ethereum Gas Station enables automated, just-in-time refueling to pre-set caps for ERC-20 wallets.

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