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Secure Multi-Party Computation Framework

Multi-party computation (MPC) is trusted by leading organizations to secure digital asset wallets from external attackers and insider threats. MPC creates a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets by removing a single point of compromise throughout the key lifecycle.

At Fireblocks, we are committed to advancing the application of MPC to secure digital assets, leveraging our Secure MPC framework. As pioneers in the field, we established this security framework and are sharing it with fellow cryptographers to help other MPC vendors improve their products and increase security in the digital asset industry.

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Utilize MPC as part of a multi-layer security philosophy.

Use the latest peer-reviewed MPC algorithms.

Be thorough when following technical instructions in academic papers.

Be proactive with security audits.

Set up a public bug bounty program.

Take your implementation open-source and referenceable.

Conduct active exploration to proactively detect misuse.