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Governance and Policy Engine

Automated governance to protect your digital asset business

Don’t rely on manual, in-person, and policy rules that are difficult to configure. The Fireblocks Policy Engine is a workflow authorization solution that automates governance policies for user and transaction rules.

Security without compromising on efficiency

Protect your business against internal collusion, streamline operations, and customize policies to your business processes with the Fireblocks Policy Engine

Protect digital assets against insider threats

Easily configure user roles, transaction policies, and approval workflows for every wallet, user, and transaction type. Once the transaction policy has been set, any transfer or operation will never be executed without the required approvals.

Simplify and automate your operations

Eliminate manual and in-person approvals with a Policy Engine that automates authorization workflows. Transaction approvals can be authorized directly from the Fireblocks mobile app or via API for high volume operations.

Quickly scale governance for growing teams

Effortlessly create, approve, and edit policy rules to support expanding teams with an easy-to-use interface. Define the quorum of admins required to authorize any changes to your policy rules.

Compliance integrated directly into each transaction flow

Fireblocks compliance partners integrate directly into the Policy Engine to automate transaction screening workflows. Set automated screening policies based on your risk profiles that flag or freeze transactions involving addresses associated with risky or criminal activity.

Save operations teams time and resources

    • Manage Policies and Approval Workflows 24/7

      Easily enforce and manage governance for remote and global teams.

    • Accelerate Workflows via API

      The Fireblocks API makes it easy to automate workflow authorization at scale.

    • Gain Visibility into Transaction Authorization History

      Audit every policy approval and rejection with granularity.

    • Create Policies for Every Type of Digital Asset Operation

      Configure policies for connected exchange accounts, fiat accounts, DeFi protocols, Web3 dApps, token minting, and more.

    • Access Control for Smart Contracts

      Protect smart contracts that are deployed from Fireblocks wallets with policy rules that control user access and contract operations.

    • Security for Your Policy Rules

      The Policy Engine is stored and run in a secure enclave that prevents external attackers and malicious insiders from modifying policy rules.