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Fireblocks direct custody and non-custodial wallet-as-a-service

Securing 130M+ wallets for thousands of organizations globally

A digital asset wallets-as-a-service solution that meets all your business needs

Select the wallet type that fits your businesses
  • Provide users with full control of their wallets

    Create and embed secure non-custodial MPC wallets into your iOS, Android, or Web application. Fireblocks Wallet SDKs provide the building blocks to customize our non-custodial key management solution to your requirements.

  • Securely custody your users’ digital assets

    Take direct custody of your customers’ digital assets at scale in secure MPC wallets. Fireblocks Wallet API enables your business to create, manage, embed MPC wallets into your customer experience.

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Unsure about which custody model is right for you?

Read our “Guide to Digital Asset Wallets and Service Providers” for insights into evaluating digital asset wallet and service providers for your business

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Battle-tested and flexible wallet infrastructure with multi-layer security

Provide unparalleled security for your users

Fireblocks security layers multi-party computation (MPC) cryptography and secure hardware enclaves to protect all attack surfaces and eliminate the reliance on a single security technology.

Fireblocks’ multi-layer security has been battle-tested over the past 5 years and is continually advancing with the latest developments in cybersecurity to protect our customers from external attacks, internal colluders, and human error.

No single point of compromise

Fireblocks scalability

Speed and scale put to test everyday

Ravi Krishnan

Head of Flipkart Labs

We are happy to partner with Fireblocks’ wallets-as-a-service infrastructure to launch our latest Web3-based brand engagement and loyalty program, which is built to serve our mobile-first customer base of more than 450 million users, offering over 150 million products across over 80 categories.
Find out how Flipkart uses Fireblocks
Fireblocks policy engine

Safeguard your user experience and protect sensitive development operations

The Fireblocks Policy Engine enables you to control and secure your user experience with configurable transaction policies that protect your users from interacting with malicious wallets, smart contracts, and applications.

Fireblocks Policy Engine allows you to configure approval workflows, roles, scope, and governance for API keys and transaction values. Transaction approval workflows can be automated or manual, and approvals can be enforced to secure client wallets from internal and external cyberattacks on your production systems.

Connect users to Web3 & DeFi directly from your app

Deliver new staking services for your customers

Out-of-the-box Wallets-as-a-Service

    • Built-in Blockchain Nodes

      Eliminate the operational burden and the cost of third party indexing services, as well as the security risk of running your own node infrastructure.

    • Hot, Warm, and Cold MPC Wallets

      Fireblocks provides a single solution for hot, warm, and cold wallets, allowing you to seamlessly sweep between storage environments.

    • Digital Asset Insurance

      Fireblocks is the first MPC wallets-as-a-service provider that offers dedicated Specie insurance through our insurance broker partners.