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Deploy the Fireblocks platform to
your exact requirements

The Fireblocks platform has the flexibility to be deployed in cloud or in customer-hosted environments to meet your risk, regulatory, and compliance needs without sacrificing security or scalability.


Configurable and modular platform

    • Flexible Key Management

      Fireblocks provides the flexibility to configure your deployment environment to meet your business requirements. Private key shares are secured utilizing MPC to remove a single point of compromise and secure hardware enclaves to protect key storage and signing operations.

    • Hot, Warm, and Cold Wallets

      The Fireblocks MPC wallet infrastructure is available in hot, warm, and cold environments, enabling you to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements with a single solution. Fireblocks is the only solution that leverages MPC security for all storage environments.

    • Configurable Policy Engine

      Fireblocks Policy Engine allows your business to configure granular transaction and user controls to meet your governance and risk requirements. Policy rules can be customized to your required approval workflows for user roles, transaction types, value thresholds, asset type, API keys and more.

    • Multiple Operating Models

      The Fireblocks platform can be configured to your operating model - whether you’re a custodian that requires segregated workspaces, a fintech which provides your users with their own wallets, or an exchange that would benefit from reducing transaction fees with an omnibus wallet structure.

Flexible deployment models to meet your risk, regulatory, and compliance requirements


Fully-hosted and managed SaaS environments

Fireblocks SaaS environment provides the fastest path to production for any business. The customer-hosted key share can be stored in the secure hardware enclave of a mobile device or within an API Co-Signer on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Alibaba Cloud for high volume operations. The MPC key shares and Policy Engine are all stored in secure hardware enclaves across multiple cloud environments to protect the most sensitive operations from internal collusion and attackers.


Deploy Fireblocks SaaS environment in your private cloud

All MPC key shares can be fully hosted in a dedicated single-tenant cloud environment leveraging Intel SGX on Azure, or AWS. Your organization can also choose to host and manage the complete Fireblocks platform in your private cloud environment.


Integrate with your existing IT
and security infrastructure

Customer hosted deployments enable enterprise businesses like yours to build new digital asset services that meet the requirements of your IT infrastructure and security policies. Fireblocks enables you to host all MPC key shares and encrypt access with a self-managed HSM, including support for Thales and Securosys.

Orly Grinfeld

Head of Clearing

Fireblocks’ world-class security operations and modular infrastructure allowed us to deploy wallets to our primary dealers, which included international banks like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan. Not only were we able to ensure that the entire workflow operations were secure, but that all the vendors were streamlined and deployed in order to bring Eden live quickly — in just 5 months — while meeting our extensive compliance and security requirements.
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Why IT teams choose Fireblocks

    • Built-in Blockchain Nodes

      Fireblocks hosts and manages nodes for more than 40 blockchains to eliminate the operational burden, cost, and security risk of running your own node infrastructure.

    • Regional Data Centers

      Fireblocks SaaS environment can be deployed in regional cloud data centers across the US, EU, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

    • Backup & Recovery

      Fireblocks provides multiple key backup and recovery options to guarantee business continuity in any potential disaster scenario.

    • Core Banking Integrations

      Fireblocks APIs enable direct integration with core banking systems, including Temenos, Avaloq, and FIS.

    • Compliance

      Fireblocks integrates with best-in-class compliance solutions to provide real-time transaction monitoring for AML, KYT, and Travel Rule.

    • High Availability

      Ensure your operations are always up and running by assigning multiple API Co-Signers to sign transactions in parallel.

Andre Portilho

Head Digital Assets

Fireblocks' capabilities allow us to touch many different parts of crypto with the same platform. From tokenization and custody, to NFTs. We have everything we need to be able to bring our products and services to market.
Why BTG Pactual Chose Fireblocks

Securing digital asset treasury for the leading companies