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Fireblocks DeFi

Securely move at the speed of the market with the Fireblocks DeFi platform

Fireblocks DeFi enables institutions to quickly deploy DeFi strategies while maintaining secure trading operations. Access dApps across 40+ blockchains, manage custody and protect your trading operations with MPC wallet security, governance policies, and integrated DeFi threat detection.

    • Trade across blockchains

      Mitigate the risk and complexity of managing multiple wallets with a unified platform to custody and access DeFi apps on 40+ blockchains.

    • Protect your DeFi operations

      Ensure the required user access and approvals are met before every DeFi transaction is executed with flexible governance and policy rules.

    • Suitable for any trading strategy

      From multiple connectivity options to configurable approval flows, Fireblocks provides the flexibility to configure our platform to your trading strategy.

    • Security at the core

      Fireblocks security eliminates a single point of key compromise and detects DeFi threats in real-time to defend against evolving attack vectors.

Trade across thousands of DeFi apps

Never miss a trading opportunity with access to dApps on more than 40 EVM and non-EVM blockchains. Fireblocks provides a unified platform to custody across blockchains so you can eliminate the operational complexity and risk of managing chain-specific wallets. Our automated support for all ERC-20 tokens enables you to quickly custody the latest token.

DeFi connectivity to meet your trading strategy

From browser to programmatic trading, Fireblocks’ APIs and connectivity interfaces provide the flexibility to configure our platform to your trading strategy.

    • WalletConnect

      Connect to EVM and non-EVM DeFi apps directly from the Fireblocks console or mobile app.

    • Fireblocks DeFi API

      Programmatically access smart contracts, while extending Fireblocks’ security to every DeFi interaction.

    • Fireblocks Browser Extension

      Connect to DeFi apps anywhere MetaMask is supported with an easy-to-use interface.

    • MetaMask Institutional

      Integrate with a suite of portfolio management solutions for your DeFi trading operations.

Protect your DeFi operations against internal collusion and attackers

Governance layer DeFi operations

Automate your approval flows

Stop attacks from becoming incidents

Real-time DeFi threat detection

Know before you sign

Andrew Taubman

Deputy Chief Operations Officer

"Fireblocks dApp Protection and Transaction Simulation empower our team to stay ahead of evolving on-chain threat vectors while providing everyone in the transaction approval workflow with visibility and clarity into what they’re approving."