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FIREBLOCKS DIRECT CUSTODY WALLETS-AS-A-SERVICEEmbed secure MPC wallets directly into your app

Fireblocks Direct Custody Wallets is the most secure way to embed MPC wallets into your application and protect your customers’ digital assets at scale.

Our Wallet APIs enable you to easily create and manage your customers’ funds, and maintain direct custody on the digital assets.

Why Fireblocks Direct Custody WaaS

    • Multi-layer security

      Fireblocks eliminates a single point of private key compromise by layering MPC-CMP, secure hardware enclaves, and our governance engine.

    • Perform at scale

      Create millions of wallets at scale with no gas fees, Fireblocks MPC-CMP also provides the fastest transaction signing speeds of any MPC solution.

    • Deploy on any blockchain

      Deploy on 50+ blockchains, all with a single wallet infrastructure. Fireblocks supports the leading token standards such as ERC, BEP, and SPL.

    • Eliminate counterparty risk

      Remain in full control of your customers’ private keys to eliminate the counterparty risk of subcustodial solutions.

130M+ wallets and $4T+ transactions secured by Fireblocks

  • // Create Vault Account
    const { FireblocksSDK } = require('fireblocks-sdk');
    const apiSecret = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve("fireblocks_secret.key"), "utf8");
    const fireblocks = new FireblocksSDK(apiSecret, "a2b2be2a-a2a3-a2a2-aec85-ae1579b2d1a2");
    (async() => {
    const myNewVault = await fireblocks.createVaultAccount("QuickStart_Vault");


Wallet APIPowerful APIs to create and manage millions of wallets

Embed crypto and NFT wallets directly into your application with a single API. Fireblocks APIs enable developers to do more than create wallets and sign transactions, they can perform any on-chain interaction such as interacting with smart contract or monitoring transaction statuses. Our APIs generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction or message.

Flexible operating models Flexible operating models

Deploy wallets across blockchains Deploy wallets across blockchains

Security that extends to developer operations

Fireblocks policy engineProtect your operations against internal collusion and attackers

Fireblocks Policy Engine allows you to configure approval workflows, roles, scope, and governance for API keys and transaction values. Transaction approval workflows can be automated or manual, and approvals can be enforced to secure client wallets from internal and external cyberattacks on your production systems.

Protect smart contracts for NFTs and tokens Protect smart contracts for NFTs and tokens

Safeguard your developers as they build on-chain Safeguard your developers as they build on-chain

Provide your customers with secure Web3 and DeFi access

Web3 Wallet LinkEnable users to connect to Web3 and DeFi directly from your application

Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link enables users to connect their in-app wallet directly to dApps so they can trade on DeFi protocols, use their tokens in play-to-earn games, or purchase on NFT marketplaces. Our Policy Engine lets you control and safeguard the user experience, so users can only interact with approved dApps.

Fireblocks staking Deliver new staking services for your customers Deliver new staking services for your customers

Fireblocks Staking APIs enable you to integrate staking directly into your application quickly. Our APIs support the top proof-of-stake blockchains, so you can provide customers with an easy way to rewards on their tokens. Fireblocks integrates with Kiln and Figment, so you can delegate tokens directly from the Fireblocks platform to institutional-grade staking validators.

Maintain compliant digital asset operations

Compliance solution suiteReal-time transaction monitoring to ensure AML and KYT compliance

Fireblocks integrates with Chainalysis and Elliptic to provide real-time AML/KYT transaction monitoring and provides Travel Rule support with Notabene. Set automated screening policies based on your risk profiles that flag or freeze transactions involving addresses associated with risky or criminal activity.

Fireblocks cold storage The only MPC-based cold storage solution The only MPC-based cold storage solution

Crime and Specie Insurance Digital asset insurance to meet your risk and regulatory requirements Digital asset insurance to meet your risk and regulatory requirements

Howard Silby

Chief Innovation Officer

We felt that Fireblocks' technology — the enterprise grade multi-party computation wallet and security — provided a solution that met the bank's needs.
Why National Australia Bank chose Fireblocks
  • $ 4 T+

    transactions secured

  • 170 M+

    Wallets created

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