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FIREBLOCKS FOR PAYMENTS SERVICE PROVIDERS (PSPs) Offer merchants unparalleled payment services with digital assets

Jess Houlgrave

Crypto GTM & Strategy

One of the most exciting things about the Fireblocks Payments Engine and the broader Fireblocks platform is that it's a single integration. As we expand on all crypto strategies exploring products both for Web3 and Web2 merchants, it will be a seamless process for our teams to add new features and new product lines.
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Instantly settle with your merchants in stablecoins

Reduce transaction settlement times with your merchants from days to minutes, and remain competitive with 24/7/365 settlement availability.

Create visibility and predictability

Enable your finance and accounting teams to gain visibility and predictability on cross-border payments.

Offer crypto payins and creator payouts

Make it easy for merchants to accept digital assets at point-of-sale, and to pay creators, contractors and gig economy workers in the digital asset of their choosing.

Nabil Manji

SVP/GM, Head of Crypto & Web3

Fireblocks helped us navigate the process and customize their infrastructure to meet our needs.
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Why PSPs choose Fireblocks

    • Build on any blockchain, in any asset, in any geography

      Enable crypto payments for your merchants across any blockchain, in any asset or token and in any region where you are licensed.

    • Integration with legacy systems

      Integrate with any legacy system or stack – from File server to NetApp to Finastra and mainframes.

    • Meeting regulatory reporting requirements

      Real time auditability, transparency, transaction monitoring, and treasury management capabilities for finance and accounting teams.

    • Easily and securely interact with blockchain-based payments system

      Fireblocks removes the operational complexity and provides enterprise-grade security and scalability so that you and your merchants can utilize blockchain-based payments rails without any of the hassle.

    • Deliver multiple use cases with a single integration

      Fireblocks provides flexibility for multiple payments use cases.

    • Payments & Digital Asset Expertise

      Fireblocks has both payments and crypto & digital asset expertise, providing a unique view into the needs of PSPs from an infrastructure, regulatory, and merchant perspective.