Today, Estonian crypto platform, Kriptomat, launches its new Kriptomat GameFi Web3 Wallet for over 400,000 non-crypto native users to access Web3 games. The new offering was built using Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link.

Web3 games have yet to tap into the massive $120 billion mobile gaming market due to the intimidating and complex user experience.  Recognizing this untapped market, Kriptomat aims to bridge the gap by significantly simplifying the journey for users experiencing Web3 games for the first time.

The Kriptomat wallet infrastructure is powered by Fireblocks Wallets-as-a-Service that enables Kriptomat to seamlessly embed Web3 Wallets directly into their application and scale to support millions of users. Kriptomat also reduces onboarding friction for new-to-Web3 users by using Fireblocks’ MPC wallets to automate wallet creation and remove the need for users to store complicated seed phrases or manage key security.

The Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link enables Kriptomat users to connect their in-app wallet directly to Web3 games without leaving the Kriptomat application. The user experience is simple – Users select their Web3 game, connect their Web3 Wallet via WalletConnect, and can begin playing instantly. Users can then enjoy their favorite Web3 game, knowing that their NFTs and tokens are always protected with enterprise-grade security.

On the backend, Kriptomat developers can control and safeguard the user experience using the Fireblocks Policy Engine, enabling users to interact with approved dApps, connect with the top EVM and non-EVM Web3 games, DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, and more.

Using Fireblocks, Kriptomat simplifies a complex six-step process into just three steps, reducing time and complexity for non-crypto native users. 

Player User Journey

Previous Solution Kriptomat Web3 Wallet
1. Download the standard Web3 Wallet 1. Download Kriptomat Web3 Wallet 
2. Set up wallet 2. Buy game tokens directly with a card
3. Purchase chain token (i.e., MATIC from a 3rd party) 3. Connect to game
4. Add Web3 game token to the wallet
5. Swap MATIC into a game token
6. Connect to game

Our goal with the Kriptomat GameFi Web3 Wallet is to create a seamless and user-friendly experience that removes the intimidating barriers often associated with cryptocurrencies. We want users to feel as if they are engaging with a traditional mobile game without the complexities typically associated with crypto.  Our intention is to bridge the gap between mainstream gamers and the Web3 gaming industry, unlocking its vast potential and delivering an immersive, enjoyable, and hassle-free gaming experience for all users.

Srdjan Mahmutovic Group CEO and Founder

About Kriptomat

Kriptomat is a trusted and respected cryptocurrency exchange platform with a mission to make crypto accessible to everyone. With a commitment to simplicity, security, and compliance, Kriptomat aims to make crypto and Web3 easy to understand and use. The platform’s “Crypto But Simple” approach simplifies the complexities of blockchain technology, ensuring that users can seamlessly buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

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