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Get started with a Fireblocks Developer Sandbox

The Developer Sandbox is the quickest way to evaluate Fireblocks and begin testing your application with our APIs, SDKs, and Console. Your testnet account will be configured with API users, transaction policies, and pre-funded wallets – no setup is required.

What you can do with the Sandbox:

  • Interact with 40+ Testnet Blockchains
    Create wallets and interact with smart contracts across EVM and non-EVM chains
  • Test your workflows with popular Web3 tools, frameworks, and libraries
    Utilize Fireblocks SDK and API and use your preferred EVM development tools such as ethers.js, web3.js, Hardhat, Truffle, Brownie, and more
  • Explore the Fireblocks platform
    Create MPC wallets for your end-users, deploy NFT collections, and mint tokens using ERC, BEP, SPL, and more
  • Community Support and Developer Portal
    Access the Fireblocks Community forum for troubleshooting and visit the Developer Portal for in-depth guides, tutorials, and best practices

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