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Fireblocks for Exchanges

Drive trading volume without sacrificing security or operational efficiency

Adrian Przelozny


Connecting to the Fireblocks Network allows us to provide our institutional clients with the ability to move in and out of crypto and cash through a secure and licensed exchange, and to move the assets globally in compliance with regulatory, compliance and internal security policies.
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Run your exchange on the most secure & flexible wallet infrastructure

Make the switch from old generation wallet technology to securely scale operations, save on operational costs, and expand token support.

Cost Savings at Scale

Save up to 90% on ETH & BTC transaction fees

Compared to legacy multi-sig technology, the cost of supporting ETH and BTC wallets is non-existent. You can send and receive transactions at scale without the massive operating costs.

Claudiu Iova

Operations Manager

Our growth was so fast, we needed a tool that could play in the big leagues. And Fireblocks was it.
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Why exchanges love Fireblocks

    • Automation

      Securely automate deposit and withdrawal management.

    • AML & KYT Integrations

      Streamline and automate compliance.

    • Fiat Integrations

      Unified treasury management for crypto and fiat.

    • Robust Policy & Workflows Engine

      Customize user permissions to fit your workflows.

    • Deposit Acceleration Program

      Offer zero confirmation deposits to Fireblocks Network members.

    • Turnkey Migration & Fastest Time to Deployment

      Minimum engineering resources required to make the switch.

    • Efficient & Cost Effective ERC-20 Fee Management

      Ethereum Gas Station enables automated, just-in-time refueling to pre-set caps for ERC-20 wallets.

    • Deliver New Staking Services

      Fireblocks staking SDKs enable you to quickly deliver new staking services to your customers.

    • Fireblocks Network Link

      Natively integrate your exchange with the Fireblocks Network and maintain control over how users interact with and experience your exchange.