The Fireblocks Network is used every day by thousands of organizations to securely transfer digital assets, and to date, it has been used to transfer over $3 trillion in digital assets. A key component of the Fireblocks Network are exchanges which serve as fiat on and off-ramps as well as trade execution venues.

The Fireblocks Network Link for exchanges is a new tool to help accelerate the number of supported exchanges and trading venues on the Fireblocks Network – making it easier and faster for third-party providers to directly integrate with the Fireblocks Network so that participants can discover, connect and securely transact with their solution.

The Fireblocks Network Link allowed us to seamlessly integrate our exchange with the Fireblocks Network while maintaining control over how users experience our platform. By leveraging Fireblocks’ battle-tested technology, our institutional clients can easily move between crypto and cash without compromising on security.

Adrian Przelozny CEO

The Fireblocks Network Link is now available for exchanges, and enables:

  • Exchanges to integrate directly with the Fireblocks Network in days and have greater control over the user experience
  • Exchanges to roll out new features including token support, account types and more to Fireblocks Network participants
  • Fireblocks Network participants will have access to more integrated exchanges, allowing for greater flexibility in trade execution and fiat on / off ramps

The ability to be in control of our integration process to the Fireblocks Network was a huge plus for our team. We’re excited to be plugged into Fireblocks’ enterprise users and provide a secure way for our institutional clients to access greater liquidity.

Gary Hamilton-Walker Global Head of Corporate Affairs

Stay tuned for more updates to the Fireblocks Network Link as we empower more third-party providers to natively integrate with the Fireblocks Network.

Ready to integrate with Fireblocks? Visit our Partner Page to find out how you can use utilize the Fireblocks Network Link today.