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Fireblocks for Lending Desks

Securely scale retail flow and boost capital efficiency


Build your lending desk on the most secure & flexible wallet infrastructure

Make the switch from legacy wallet infrastructure to strengthen security, increase operational speed, and expand token support.

Fireblocks Network

Boost institutional trading operations

Connect all your exchanges and counterparties into one secure platform for faster settlement and improved capital efficiency.

Why lending desks love Fireblocks

    • Support 1,100+ tokens & 40+ exchanges

      The most comprehensive token and exchange support, including 35 blockchain protocols.

    • Deposit address management at scale

      No more deposit address whitelisting or test transfers.

    • Customizable user permissions

      Define user and asset transfer permissions to fit your workflows.

    • Robust REST API

      Securely automate customer deposits & withdrawals.

    • Zero confirmation deposits

      Fireblocks Network members receive instant deposits on top global exchanges.

    • Turnkey migration & fastest time to deployment

      Minimum engineering resources required to make the switch.

    • Turnkey Migration & Fastest Time to Deployment

      Minimum engineering resources required to make the switch.

    • Efficient & cost effective ERC-20 fee management

      Ethereum Gas Station enables automated, just-in-time refueling to pre-set caps for ERC-20 wallets.