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Thought Leadership

Fireblocks Off Exchange: A New approach to Eliminate Counterparty Risk

  • Meet the Experts
  • Rohan Juneja VP of Financial Products丨Fireblocks

Fireblocks Off Exchange is a new solution to eliminate exchange counterparty risk, enabling trading firms to allocate and mirror assets directly to an exchange from an on-chain MPC shared wallet, protecting their principal from hacks, bankruptcy, and fraud.

In this webinar, Fireblocks VP of Financial Products, Rohan Juneja, will discuss the release of Fireblocks Off Exchange and cover how this new model of trading truly eliminates exchange counterparty risk. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Fireblocks Off Exchange takes a different approach than custodial solutions
  • Fireblocks Off Exchange key features and functionalities
  • Live demo of Fireblocks Off Exchange





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