Executive Summary

The uniformity of money is a simple concept often taken for granted. It says that $10 should be worth $10, no matter how we spend it. In a world where people rely less on banknotes issued by central banks and where digital currencies are proliferating, preserving the uniformity of money has become a key motivation for central banks considering their own digital currencies.

This whitepaper explores how our industry can strive to preserve the uniformity of money in this new world of digital assets. Rather than simply offering a theoretical model for doing so, we also present the smart contract logic to make these concepts operational and show through video demonstrations how this can be achieved today.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. The Uniformity of Tokenized Money
  3. The Economic And Regulatory Framework
  4. The Model: A Simplified Digital Monetary System
  5. The Smart Contracts Describing The Model
  6. Illustrative Flows Of Funds Between Customers
  7. Considerations And Extensions Around Privacy