In 2021 alone, some $1.2 trillion in payments crisscrossed the globe. Among the challenges is that these transactions result in significant expenses for financial institutions and users. Though the system has improved over the years, it remains far from perfect, and payers and payees would welcome a new way of cross-border payment.

Download this paper, coauthored by BCG and Fireblocks, to learn about a payment model based on permissioned DeFi. 

In it, you’ll discover a cross-border payment model that:

  1. Offers more flexibility for end users who make and takepayments
  2. Enables institutions with Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for more control over payments
  3. Facilitates transactions 60%–80% less than the cost incurred by traditional models.

Understanding how this new model works is key to realizing its potential. Download to read the paper today.