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The simplest and most secure way to work with digital assets.

Fireblocks provides a suite of applications to manage digital asset operations and a complete development platform to build your business on the blockchain.

  • $ 6 T+

    transactions secured

  • 200 M+

    Wallets created

trusted by 1,800+ of the world’s leading organizations

Discover how thousands of companies are building on Fireblocks.

  • Enable self crypto custody and streamlined treasury management operations

    B2C2 is the leading crypto liquidity provider that has built an institutional crypto trading platform for OTC desks, aggregators, banks, exchanges, and hedge funds.

    • Secures billions in customer funds with Fireblocks MPC Wallets
    • Configures transaction governance with Fireblocks Policy Engine to protect funds against internal collusion, human error, and external attacks
    • Directly transfers to exchanges on the Fireblocks Network, and rebalances between exchange accounts on the same platform
    • Streamlines settlement operations by connecting back- and middle-office systems with Fireblocks API, and automates transaction authorization workflows to eliminate manual and in-person approvals

  • Securely access and trade across thousands of EVM and non-EVM DeFi protocols

    ParaFi Capital is a crypto-native investment and technology firm that secures their crypto investments and DeFi trading operations with Fireblocks.

    • Uses the Fireblocks Payments Engine to orchestrate stablecoin settlement flows
    • Automatically converts fiat to crypto through exchanges on the Fireblocks Network
    • Can settle payments on over a dozen stablecoin protocols supported by Fireblocks
    • Securely transfers stablecoins to merchant wallets through the Fireblocks Network
    • Monitors and manages merchant settlement using the Fireblocks Console, a built-in intuitive dashboard
    • Receives reconciliation reports that integrates with their core platform

  • Launch new crypto products for retail users with a secure and scalable wallet infrastructure

    eToro is a retail trading and investing platform that has built a full suite of crypto product offerings for their 25 million customers worldwide.

    • Secures their users’ crypto and NFTs with Fireblocks’ wallet infrastructure
    • Easily manages liquidity operations with counterparties on the Fireblocks Network
    • Uses the Fireblocks Policy Engine to manage the segregation of duties
    • Offers staking products through Fireblocks’ Staking SDKs to institutional validator partners
    • Efficiently adds support for new blockchains because Fireblocks supports 40+ of the most popular protocols in the ecosystem

  • Launch a digital asset custody platform for financial institutions

    BNY Mellon, the largest and oldest global custodial bank, has built their entire digital asset custody platform for financial institutions, using Fireblocks.

    • Met regulatory requirements by fully deploying key management in their private cloud
    • Uses Fireblocks Cold Storage to provide highly secure, scalable, and insured custody for institutional clients
    • Uses the Fireblocks API to create an integrated digital native experience with their unified banking portal, NEXEN
    • Enables the custody of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokenized assets using Fireblocks wallets
    • Utilized Fireblocks’ implementation services to launch their offering in less than 6 months
    • Provides AML/KYT screening using Fireblocks’ integration with Chainalysis

  • Provide merchants with 24/7 settlements using stablecoins

    Worldpay, the largest global merchant acquirer for the crypto sector uses Fireblocks to:
    • Orchestrate stablecoin settlement flows with Fireblocks Payments Engine
    • Automatically converts fiat to crypto through exchanges on the Fireblocks Network
    • Settle payments on over a dozen stablecoin protocols supported by Fireblocks
    • Securely transfers stablecoins to merchant wallets through the Fireblocks Network
    • Monitors and manages merchant settlement using the Fireblocks Console, a built-in intuitive dashboard
    • Easily expand their blockchain-based payments offerings
  • Near-instant cross border settlement with stablecoins

    National Australia Bank issued a fiat-backed stablecoin on Ethereum, which enables clients to settle cross border transactions in minutes instead of days.

    • Mints the AUDN stablecoin with Fireblocks APIs
    • Secures and deploys the AUDN smart contract through Fireblocks’ MPC wallets, which is also used to custody the minted AUDN
    • Configures policies and workflows to include manual approvals in stablecoin management
    • Connects with clients on the Fireblocks Network to securely transfer AUDN
    • Utilizes Fireblocks’ multi-blockchain support to issue the stablecoin on Ethereum and Algorand

  • Tokenize bonds to automate issuance and settlement

    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Finance, has developed a digital asset market infrastructure to issue and trade tokenized securities.

    • Issues smart contracts to mint the Digital Shekel and Bonds, using Fireblocks APIs
    • Orchestrates DvP token settlement between primary brokers and the treasury department using the Fireblocks WalletConnect integration
    • Uses Fireblocks’ wallet infrastructure to securely custody the tokenized products and to white-label custody for market participants
    • Manages the end-to-end token lifecycle by configuring policies and approvals with the Fireblocks policy engine
    • Issues the tokens on an EVM permissioned blockchain supported by Fireblocks

  • Build engaging brand experiences with Web3 and NFTs

    Flipkart, the leading digital commerce marketplace in India, has built FireDrops, a Web3 brand loyalty experience for their merchants to engage with over 450 million customers using NFTs.

    • Uses Fireblocks’ Wallet as a Service (WaaS) to provide every customer with an NFT wallet on the Flipkart mobile app
    • Reduce gas fees for millions of users, with Fireblocks MPC wallet technology
    • Allows customers to connect their Flipkart NFT wallet with Web3 applications using the Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link
    • Automates the minting and transfer of NFTs to customers’ wallets, using the Fireblocks API
    • Safeguards the customer experience with Fireblocks Policy Engine

  • Build a seamless experience for any user to access Web3 apps and games

    Kriptomat is a fintech that enables users to seamlessly onboard to Web3 with an easy-to-use application to buy crypto with a credit card, trade hundreds of tokens, play Web3 games, and invest on DeFi apps.

    • Uses Fireblocks’ Wallets-as-a-Service to provide segregated wallets for every customer to buy, sell, and transfer crypto and NFTs without having to navigate the underlying complexities of the protocols
    • Quickly integrate new Web3 experiences directly into their in-app wallets, using the Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link
    • Provide users with fast and cost efficient fiat-to-crypto On-Ramp through the Fireblocks Network
    • Control and secure the user experience with Fireblocks Policy Engine to ensure users only interact with approved Web3 dApps

What Sets Fireblocks Apart

    • Security at the Core

      Defense-in-depth architecture combines MPC-CMP and hardware security to eliminate single point of compromise and create a secure environment for storing, issuing, and transferring digital assets.

    • Battle-tested Performance

      Our infrastructure is reliable and resilient at scaling the most demanding use cases that require millions of wallets and high transaction throughput. 

    • Zero Counterparty Risk

      With Fireblocks’ Direct Custody model, you remain in full control of your private keys. Fireblocks provides multiple disaster recovery options to guarantee business continuity.

    • Future-Proof Platform

      Fireblocks rapidly evolves our platform to enable you to support the latest digital asset, Web3, NFT, and DeFi use cases and security technologies.

    • Flexible Deployment Models

      Deploy the Fireblocks platform to your business requirements with SaaS, Private Cloud or On-Prem options, leveraging MPC, Secure Enclave or HSM for key management. Fireblocks now supports Azure, AWS, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud.

    • Governance and Policies

      Protect your business with the industry’s most secure, configurable, and powerful Policy Engine, which secures transactions against internal collusion, human error, and external attacks.

    • Multi-Blockchain Support

      Fireblocks’ node and wallet infrastructure provides out of the box support for 50+ blockchains and the leading token standard such as ERC, SPL, XRPL, and more, with extensible support for any public or private EVM.

    • Integrated Compliance

      We integrate with best-in-class compliance solutions to provide real-time transaction monitoring for AML, KYT, and Travel Rule directly from the Fireblocks platform.

Fireblocks network

The entire digital asset ecosystem at your fingertips

The Fireblocks Network is a secure transfer network that allows you to instantly find, connect, and move digital assets across exchanges, fiat providers, liquidity partners, and counterparties.

  • const { FireblocksSDK } = require('fireblocks-sdk');
    const apiSecret = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve("fireblocks_secret.key"), "utf8");
    const fireblocks = new FireblocksSDK(apiSecret, "a2b2be2a-a2a3-a2a2-aec85-ae1579b2d1a2");
    (async() => {
        const myNewVault = await fireblocks.createVaultAccount("QuickStart_Vault");
  • from fireblocks_sdk import FireblocksSDK sdk = FireblocksSDK(api_secret,api_key) vault_account = sdk.create_vault_account(name="QuickStart_Vault")
Fireblocks platform Api

A complete development platform for building Web3 applications

Rapidly build, automate, and scale your web3 application with a secure wallet infrastructure. The Fireblocks platform has the most comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs so developers can focus on building fast without sacrificing security.

  • Create MPC wallets at scale
  • Mint, custody, and transfer tokens and NFTs
  • Deploy and secure smart contract interactions
  • Automate transaction signing and approvals
  • Built-in blockchain node infrastructure