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Powering 1,800+ Businesses Remove the complexity of working with digital assets

Fireblocks is an easy to use platform to create new blockchain based products, and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.

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Don’t take our word for it 1,800 organizations leverage Fireblocks

What I love most about Fireblocks is how you can use it as a building block and create your own innovations on top of it. Without Fireblocks’ blockchain security and key management in the background, we couldn’t call ourselves an enterprise-grade NFT platform.

Kevin Lehtiniitty Co-founder, Chief Product Officer & Chief Technology Officer

We're building a lot of different things and the Fireblocks tech stack can be used for every use case.

Nabil Manji SVP/GM, Head of Crypto & Web3

Since implementing Fireblocks, we've had some of our best months in terms of increasing trading volume. By connecting our back- and middle-office systems to Fireblocks' API, we have multiplied our settlement throughout with an extremely lean team. That operational efficiency translates into tighter spreads and lower balance sheet consumption for both our clients and ourselves, contributing to a more efficient market.

Max Boonen Founder

The cryptocurrency space is moving fast. And we wanted a technology provider who’ll keep pace with the changes happening in the industry.

Edward Cooper Head of Cryptocurrency at Revolut

Get the best of both worlds Operational efficiency meets battle-tested security.

  • $4T+ digital assets 
securely transferred
  • 1,800+ Trading venues, liquidity providers, lending desks, and OTCs
  • $42M Insurance Policy

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