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better together Build and grow your Digital Asset business with Fireblocks and AWS

Fireblocks’ expertise in Digital Asset management and cybersecurity, combined with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud compute infrastructure, together provide an innovative platform that leverages key Amazon Web Services (AWS) services to provide a highly secure and scalable solution.

Fireblocks is AWS Validated Software Partner

Enjoy peace of mind with a platform that is certified by AWS as being well-architected, and designed to provide users the maximum level of security for 1800+ organizations – from Web3 start-ups to hedge funds to the largest banks in the world.

Fireblocks’ all-in-one secure solution

End-to-end platform for storage, transfer and issuance of your digital assets

  • Expand your offering with speed and confidence

    Fireblocks’ SaaS-based platform enables rapid deployment of Production environments 一 leading to faster business case and revenue realization, and provides merchants with quicker circulation of funds for reinvesting.

  • Support Agile and Flexible Product Strategy

    A use-case agnostic product suite, enabling businesses to pivot rapidly on their product strategy in order to take advantage of new market opportunities.

  • Programmable Compliance and Governance

    Robust and customisable policy engine enabling fully automated business operations, based on a scaled infrastructure built for high availability and throughput.

  • Multi-layer Security with Zero-Trust Architecture

    Benefit from a best-in-class secure platform for digital assets that combines Fireblocks’ Multi-Layer Security and MPC-CMP protocol, with AWS VPC, GuardDuty, SecurityHub and Nitro Secure enclaves.

  • Flexible and scalable operational support

    Eliminate the operational gaps from existing, outdated infrastructure and wallet solutions by combining next-generation security and the industry’s only institutional digital asset transfer network.

FIREBLOCKS SECURITY PLATFORM Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security

USE CASES SUPPORTED One integration, endless use cases

An easy to use UI with modular, API-driven SDKs to fit any use case

Create a seamless Web3 experience for Web2 users

Highly scalable and secure wallet infrastructure that allows for fast onboarding of Web2 users while abstracting away complexities of key management, passphrases and wallets.

Tokenization of real world assets

Bring real world assets on-chain to new revenue models, create liquidity & transparency and lower costs.

Payments orchestration

Create automated payments and compliance workflows to accept digital assets at the point of sale, conduct cross-border payments, or payout in digital assets.

Operations & treasury management

Whether its digital asset trading, custody, tokenization, Web3 or payments, utilizing a single pane of glass view of holdings and programmable compliance workflows and governance for digital asset transfers.

BE FIRST TO MARKET Launch in months, not years.

  • Any asset. Any blockchain. Any geo.

    Unlike most solutions, you can build on any blockchain, support any asset or token, and in any geographic corridor.

  • One integration, multiple use cases

    Build any blockchain-based product or service after you integrate with Fireblocks.

  • Legacy systems? No problem.

    Integrate with any legacy system or stack, from file servers to NetApp to Finastra and mainframes.

let's get started Join Fireblocks and AWS today to build, launch and scale your digital asset business

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