We’re now on the final day of our 7 days of DeFi event! 

So far, we’ve added support for five new DeFi protocols (Avalanche, Fantom, RSK, Arbitrum, and Optimism) and released an in-depth feature on how Fasanara Capital has used Fireblocks  DeFi to grow their assets under management (AUM) by 500%. But we’re not done yet. Today, we’ll show you exactly how you can access dApps on Fireblocks using our WalletConnect integration.

WalletConnect is Fireblocks’ preferred open protocol and gateway to connect our customers to hundreds of dApps, without having to use APIs or browser extensions. WalletConnect is integrated directly into the Fireblocks console; users can access dApps with just one click, without needing to download any additional software or open extra extension windows.

To demonstrate just how easy it is to access dApps on Fireblocks, let’s walk through the process of connecting to BENQI – a top dApp built on our newly supported chain, Avalanche.

Setting up and using BENQI with Fireblocks + WalletConnect

BENQI is a top non-custodial liquidity market protocol and dApp that was built on Avalanche from the ground up. Here’s a quick summary of how a Fireblocks user can connect to BENQI using WalletConnect:

1) Choose “WalletConnect” on the BENQI website’s app page

2) Follow the prompt on the Fireblocks app to perform a one-time QR-based setup process

3) Choose to link your Fireblocks wallet to BENQI, and your fee and chain preferences

4) Now you’re all set up! You can start using BENQI from the console’s “DeFi Apps” tab

5) Enjoy convenient, one-click access to BENQI from now on

BENQI is just one of a huge variety of dApps users can connect to through Fireblocks without jeopardizing security or efficiency. It’s a simple, easy and convenient way to make your 7 days of DeFi complete.

Interested in learning more about DeFi on Fireblocks? Visit our DeFi page for more information.