There are only two days left in Fireblocks’ 7 days of DeFi!

So far, we’ve looked to the future of DeFi at Fireblocks, adding support for numerous new protocols and platforms. Today, we’ll be diving into something a little different – Fireblocks DeFi in action.

Fasanara Capital is a boutique alternative asset manager based in the UK. Since launching their first crypto-native hedge fund in 2019, Fasanara has been searching for various ways to safely and securely expand their assets under management (AUM). Using Fireblocks to access DeFi (as well as a number of other capabilities), Fasanara Capital has managed to increase their AUM from $20M to $100M.

Read on to learn more about how gaining secure access to DeFi has propelled Fasanara’s explosive growth.

We do believe DeFi is the future. We expect a lot of volume to move towards non-custodial trading venues on DeFi. Fireblocks is an enabler of that.

Alessandro Balata Portfolio Manager

Securely bringing the benefits of DeFi to asset managers 

Historically, institutional access to DeFi has been difficult to navigate, especially from a security perspective. 

Criminals made off with over $10 billion in DeFi assets through fraud and theft in 2021, according to a report by Elliptic. Clearly, security has to be the highest priority for any asset manager looking to enter the DeFi space.

One of Fasanara’s goals for growing their fund was to tap into the massive benefits of DeFi without sacrificing their security protocols and policies. Fireblocks has enabled them to do so through our industry-leading security and expertise. Now, with Fireblocks DeFi capabilities, Fasanara has access to hundreds of DeFi liquidity pools, staking and trading apps using the same enterprise-grade transaction policies they employ for CeFi connectivity. 

Fireblocks DeFi is also creating new growth opportunities for the firm by connecting them with trusted parties and DeFi protocols within a protected ecosystem.

Fireblocks DeFi integration allows us to quickly connect and authorize transactions and interact with these protocols and still be able to rely on the baseline security of the wallets we have…Our main access to DeFi is through Fireblocks’ solution.

Utilizing DeFi and the rest of Fireblocks’ feature suite (including the Fireblocks Network, MPC-CMP wallets and more), Fasanara Capital was able to successfully raise their AUM by 500%. 

Interested in learning more about how Fasanara Capital navigated this period of massive growth while prioritizing security and stability? Read our full case study here.