Eiger, a blockchain development powerhouse with years of experience building for crypto and web3, has become the first accredited systems integrator for Fireblocks. 

After several weeks of extensive training on the inner workings of the Fireblocks architecture, Eiger’s engineering team is now ready with knowledge on implementing Fireblocks.

The blockchain development company, which designs and builds high-performance systems to interact with on-chain environments, will handle the technical implementation of Fireblocks for companies looking to build in web3 using the most secure wallet technology.

We believe that blockchains will be part of most (if not all) businesses in the future. However, the space is still quite complex and implementation of the technology requires specialized knowledge of how these systems work. Fireblocks is one of the primary players trying to abstract away those complexities to make it easier for institutions to integrate digital assets into their operations.

Daren Tuzi CEO

Onboarding the next generation of companies into the blockchain ecosystem

In a recent blog post, Engineers thoughts: Fireblocks SI partnership, three of Eiger’s engineers who underwent the training with Fireblocks discussed the depth and breadth of the training, as well as its future applications.

I was surprised by how intuitive the platform is to work with. Fireblocks has done a lot to make blockchain accessible and managed to abstract away a lot of the complicated and niche blockchain behavior.

Stoyan Kirov Senior Software Engineer

The team also spoke to how excited they are by what Fireblocks can offer to their users. 

Blockchain development is often viewed as a challenging discipline. There are three components for almost every web3 project: frontend, backend, and blockchain. Blockchain was previously seen as the mighty beast that needs to be tamed and integrated into the other two (frontend and backend services). With Fireblocks, the taming of the beast becomes more structured and manageable, and the integration part is much less stressful.

Roberts Ivanov Senior Software Engineer

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