Developers are central to everything we do at Fireblocks, and in 2023, we released new features and enhancements for builders. Here are some of our favorite releases from the past year, and a preview of what you can expect in 2024.

Looking Back at 2023

Developer Sandbox: Get started with Fireblocks in minutes

The Fireblocks Developer Sandbox is a free testnet account for developers to evaluate and test building on the Fireblocks platform. The Sandbox makes it quick and easy to start building with our Wallets-as-a-Service and Treasury Management products across 60+ blockchains. 

Here’s how developers are using the Fireblocks Developer Sandbox:

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New Developer Tools: Build faster with the tools you love

Fireblocks supports more than 25 EVM chains and we wanted to make it easier for developers to use their favorite programming languages and EVM development tools while they build on Fireblocks.

That’s why we introduced Fireblocks Web3 Provider to enable Javascript developers to natively integrate libraries such as Web3.js, Ethers.js, and Viem with Fireblocks API. 

To support more programming languages and convenience libraries we released the ‘fireblocks-json-rpc’ tool, a command-line local Ethereum JSON-RPC server powered by the Fireblocks API. With the JSON-RPC, developers can use any programming language and convenience library such as Hardhat, Foundry, and Brownie when building on the Fireblocks platform. 

Developers can run the Fireblocks JSON-RPC in either CLI mode or as a Docker container to support advanced production deployments. For developers that enjoy using HardHat, we also added support for a native plugin to make integration even easier.

New Blockchains: Now supporting over 60 mainnets and testnets

Fireblocks is known for its industry-leading blockchain support, and in 2023 we kept pace by providing developers with access to the latest L1 and L2 blockchains. Check out the complete list of blockchains Fireblocks’ supports here

New Fireblocks APIs: Easier management for developers

Fireblocks is continually striving to provide developers with more control to configure the Fireblocks platform to their use case. In 2023, we released new APIs that allow developers to manage workspace operations such as configuring User Groups and enabling One Time Addresses.

Building for Developers in 2024

Developer Dashboard

At SPARK ‘23, our annual user conference, we announced the Developer Dashboard, a new feature that simplifies the management of all API-related activities. The Developer Dashboard gives developers a bird’s eye view of everyday operations, such as API success, errors, rate limited calls for specific endpoints to critical management of API keys and user access.

The Developer Dashboard is available today in Sandbox workspaces, and will be rolled out to Mainnet workspaces in early 2024. 

Fireblocks SDKs for Typescript, Python, and Java

In 2024 we will be releasing the next generation of Fireblocks SDKs, which include the following enhancements:

  • Official support for Java as a third language (more to come)
  • Improved feature parity and consistency across languages and with the Fireblocks REST API
  • Improved object model definitions and modularity for SDK methods – making it easier to define and build query params for objects such as vaults, wallets, and transactions

Want to start exploring the beta SDKs? Check out our Github repositories for the TypeScript, Python, and Java SDKs.

Policy Management APIs

The Fireblocks Policy Engine is one of the most powerful security features of our platform, protecting customers against internal collusion and external attackers. With the Policy Engine, customers can configure governance rules, user roles, and authorization workflows to protect every transaction in their workspace.  

Currently, the customers manage policy rules through the Fireblocks Console. Soon, we will be releasing a new set of Policy Management APIs that will enable developers to configure and manage policies without having to interface with the Console. 

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