Welcome back to 7 days of DeFi! After launching support for Avalanche yesterday, we’re back today to add support for another protocol: Fantom.

Fantom is an innovative Layer-1, EVM-compatible blockchain platform intended to improve upon Ethereum’s scalability issues.

In total, we’re releasing 7 new protocols this month – with more to follow shortly. This brings our total number of integrated protocols to 27, with 815+ supported tokens. 

About Fantom

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 EVM-compatible platform. Fantom aims to improve Ethereum’s scalability through the use of an aBFT protocol that allows blocks to be created “independently.” This enables Fantom to process transactions in just 1 second, leveraging up to 20,000 tps.

Fantom is unique in that it creates a separate blockchain for each DApp on it. These blockchains can then interact, but exist independently of each other. Essentially, Fantom is a “network of networks” – making it significantly more scalable than its predecessor.

The protocol is currently undergoing a dramatic period of growth. Since May 1, 2021, the number of unique wallet addresses on the Fantom network has grown over 620% to 484,682 (as of Sep 5, 2021). 

How can I access Fantom with Fireblocks?

Here’s how to access Spookyswap dApp – which is built on Fantom – through WalletConnect.

You can now access Fantom to custody and transfer the FTM native token without jeopardizing security or efficiency. You also have access to any of 100+ dApps built on Fantom through DeFi API or WalletConnect.

Three ways to use Fantom on Fireblocks:

  • Fireblocks console via WalletConnect
  • Fireblocks DeFi API
  • Fireblocks Network

Some of the DeFi projects Fireblocks users have access to via Fantom include:

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for our next protocol drop!