Security and compliance are two of the most important areas for any business in the digital asset industry to address. As we can see from the numerous large-scale exchange hacks that have occurred over the years (from Upbit to Coincheck), as well large fines levied against non-compliant businesses in the US and Japan, a lack of strategy around these areas can lead to serious issues.

If your business develops a strategy around security and compliance from the beginning, you’ll not only avoid security breaches and regulatory scrutiny – you’ll also develop a high level of trust with new users as the industry enters the mainstream.

Fireblocks + Chainalysis KYT

We recently partnered with one of the leaders in cryptocurrency compliance, Chainalysis, to bring automated AML and KYT screening to Fireblocks. Now, the Fireblocks platform automatically leverages Chainalysis risk scores and customer-defined risk policies to ensure your organization remains safe and compliant.

How It Works

Security & Compliance Guidelines for Operating a Digital Asset Business

We also collaborated with Chainalysis to develop a guide on building a secure and regulations-driven strategy in the digital asset industry, so that your business can thrive in this complex environment.

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If you’d like to learn more about how Fireblocks + Chainalysis make it easy for your digital asset business to follow security and compliance best practices, reach out to [email protected].