Fireblocks will now offer flexible deployment models that aim to enable banks and financial institutions to leverage our industry-leading security and technology stack to quickly bring your digital asset initiatives into production while meeting your IT risk, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

We are expanding our highly secure MPC-CMP wallet and key management technology to include:

  • HSM support with open interface to leverage leading providers such as Thales, Securosys, and other compatible HSMs
  • Expanded support for cloud-based secure enclaves, including AWS Nitro and Alibaba Cloud SGX, in addition to Fireblocks’ existing Azure SGX support
  • Enable customer to host all MPC key shares across multiple servers in their data centers and cloud
  • New cloud data centers across the EU, Switzerland, and Hong Kong along with Fireblocks’ current cloud data centers in the US
  • Dedicated single-tenant cloud environment

In the past 3 years, Fireblocks has brought over 50 global financial institutions – including BNY Mellon, ABN Amro, BNP Paribas, National Australia Bank, SDX, and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – into the digital asset space. What started with custody as the primary use case eventually expanded into more sophisticated offerings such as tokenized deposits, financial products & real world assets, trading & settlement operations for institutional and retail customers, cross-border payments, and even NFT loyalty programs. 

As the financial ecosystem evolves, we are focused on enhancing our core capabilities by exploring digital technologies and processes, including blockchain. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Fireblocks and leveraging their best-in-class services that support our ongoing efforts to address the needs of our institutional clients.

Sarthak Pattanaik CIO, Digital Assets, Treasury Services, Clearance and Collateral Management

The new capabilities will accelerate the ability of banks and FMIs to take digital asset projects from pilot to production by reducing the time of integration and certification of the Fireblocks technology within the banks IT environment, aligning business requirements with IT risk and policies. Customers will be able to select the most appropriate key-management configuration that matches pre-certified and approved vendors, reducing the time spent on Infosec reviews and procurement.

The fastest & most secure way to take your project from PoC to Production

The biggest financial institutions have used Fireblocks to go from PoC to Production in just months, not years

The biggest financial institutions have used Fireblocks to go from PoC to Production in just months, not years

To accomplish this, Fireblocks provide an infrastructure-agnostic, flexible deployment model to meet your organization where your infrastructure is, with 5 key features:

1. Zero-trust at Scale

Fireblocks will provide financial institutions with the tools to operate without having to trust any outside party, providing system-wide cryptographically verifiable audit logs, policies and workflow engines which can be configured through a user interface or with API. 

2. Enhanced Policies for Governance & Access Control

Fireblocks offers the most business-friendly, self-managed policy engine which enable you to:

  • Configurable role entitlement system, that enables organizations to extend the robust user role system currently provided by Fireblocks 
  • Code-based policies and verifiers that can interact with internal approval systems and provide the  ability to ensure  that transactions are built as requested 

3. Infrastructure-Agnostic Private Key Management 

Fireblocks currently offers the most secure and scalable MPC-CMP based hot, warm, and cold wallet infrastructure, that is now extended for the following options:

  • HSMs including Thales, Securosys, and other compatible HSMs
  • Hosting of all MPC shares in customer-hosted environment
  • Utilization of an HSM seal, putting an HSM wrapper on an SGX enclave compatible with HSMs
  • Having full MPC-CMP capabilities in an HSM

4. More Cloud and Regional Options

For cloud native deployments, Fireblocks extends its private key management to support: 

  • Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing with Intel SGX
  • AWS Nitro
  • and Alibaba Cloud SGX enclaves

We also support High Availability SaaS in the EU, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

5. API Connectivity to Core Systems 

With a robust set of APIs for key & wallet management and transaction policies, Fireblocks can be easily integrated into your existing core banking systems, including Temenos, Avaloq, and FIS.

To learn more about how Fireblocks can help bring your digital asset project from PoC to Production in the shortest time possible, request a demo now.