Fireblocks has launched support for Base mainnet, a new Ethereum L2 blockchain incubated by Coinbase that aims to “bring the next billion users on-chain.” Fireblocks users can now access Base with the ease, efficiency, and security they’ve come to expect from our platform. 

The integration with Base demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing Fireblocks users with immediate access to the latest blockchains, Base dApps (via WalletConnect v2), and adds to the 50+ protocols that Fireblocks already supports. 

With the new support for Base, Fireblocks customers can:

  • Bridge and securely custody tokens from their Fireblocks wallets
  • Access DeFi and Web3 dApps via WalletConnect v2
  • Deploy and interact with smart contracts via Fireblocks API

About Base 

On August 9th, Base officially launched its mainnet, which was made available on Fireblocks the same day. Previously, Base had launched a testnet in February and opened developer access in July. Fireblocks Developer Sandbox users have been accessing Base testnet since February.

According to Base, a vibrant ecosystem has already developed on the L2 since the initial testnet release. Projects involving everything from DeFi to Web3 games have integrated dApps to Base. Over 50 brands, including Coca-Cola, are participating in Base’s Onchain Summer event to foster activity in the ecosystem.

As of the mainnet launch on August 9th, about 100 projects and dApps were available on Base mainnet, including Aave, Compound, and OpenSea. Some new use cases on the chain  include restaurants, games, communities, and advocacy. The blockchain has already seen $160M in digital assets bridged to date.

Fireblocks is among a growing ecosystem of providers who have integrated this blockchain, and the leading key management and wallet infrastructure for developers to build new applications on Base.

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