In the pursuit of advancing security and transparency in the digital asset industry, Fireblocks has published our MPC-CMP code as open source under a limited license, along with the rest of our MPC library

As the demand for digital asset custody, tokenization, and Web3 among retail and financial institutions continues to rise, Fireblocks MPC-CMP has proven to be the most secure and reliable key management protocol. MPC-CMP provides the flexibility to sign transactions on any ECDSA and EdDSA blockchain, supporting the highest level of key security and signing speeds across hot, warm, and cold wallets. 

By open-sourcing our MPC-CMP implementation along the rest of our MPC library, we aim to provide transparency to more than 1,800 Fireblocks’ clients, auditors, and the White Hat community.

Fireblocks’ MPC open-source initiative will enable:

  • Increased transparency – The cryptography community can reference our technology and its inner workings and contribute to advancing digital asset security.
  • Improved business continuity – Mitigate risks associated with security, compliance, and regulations for more secure and robust technology.
  • Collaborative innovation – Ignite collaboration and collective problem-solving across developers, cryptographers, and the White Hat community. 

Secure Architecture

Fireblocks’ code is optimized for a trusted execution environment with multi-layer security architecture. It has been implemented for Intel SGX and AWS Nitro — two leading cryptographic enclaves. Additionally, the code is periodically reviewed by auditors ensuring the security, compliance, and reliability of the system, strengthening the overall trustworthiness of the protocol. 

We have an active bug bounty program published on HackerOne to promote continuous improvement. For more details, visit

To get access to our MPC-CMP code as well our full MPC library on GitHub, visit