We are excited to announce support for DeFi on Solana, enabling connection to Solana dApps via Fireblocks’ Web3 Engine. Starting today, Fireblocks customers can securely access lending, borrowing, staking, and Web3 dApps that are powered by the Solana blockchain. As the first enterprise-grade gateway to allow secure connection to non-EVM chains, we’re bringing unprecedented access to the growing world of Web3 for our global user base. 

Solana is currently the fifth largest DeFi chain based on TVL (total value locked) at ~$2B, and its NFT ecosystem has surpassed that of Ethereum since the beginning of this year

Fireblocks is used by thousands of businesses to access novel DeFi products and services. Starting today, these businesses will immediately have access to the depth and breadth of the DeFi ecosystem on Solana.

Anatoly Yakovenko Co-founder

Enterprise-grade access to DeFi on Solana is now live on Fireblocks

Effective immediately, our users have enterprise-grade access to the Solana Web3 ecosystem through the Fireblocks WalletConnect V2 integration, which has been upgraded to securely enable vault connections to non-EVM chain dApps.

Using the DeFi suite part of Fireblocks’ Web3 Engine, customers can set custom limits by contract, amount, user, and more with robust DeFi policy controls when interacting with decentralized platforms starting with Marinade (#1 dApp on Solana by TVL), Mango Markets (#8 by TVL), and Friktion (#13 by TVL).

Fireblocks is a leader in enabling enterprise clients to access Web3. By integrating WalletConnect v2.0, Fireblocks is leveraging our updated protocol’s multi-chain capabilities to offer its users access to decentralized applications across EVM as well as non-EVM chains, starting with Solana. We’re thrilled to cooperate with such a trusted partner to unlock a new ecosystem of exciting innovation for its customers.

Pedro Gomes Co-founder and CEO

About Solana

Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption. It’s a high performance network that is utilized for a range of use cases, including finance, NFTs, payments, and gaming. Solana operates as a single global state machine, and is open, interoperable and decentralized. For more information, please visit https://solana.com

About WalletConnect

Co-founded in 2018 by CEO Pedro Gomes, WalletConnect is the web3 communications protocol enabling wallets and apps to securely connect. 

WalletConnect has been integrated by over 170 wallets and 450 apps to realize interoperability between devices and bridge users with web3’s fast-emerging products and experiences. Partner wallets and apps include Coinbase, MetaMask, Uniswap, OpenSea, Twitter, and Stripe. In March 2022, WalletConnect raised $11 million in its Series A round co-led by Union Square Ventures and 1kx to build out a messaging layer for web3. For more information, please visit https://walletconnect.com.

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