Finnish fintech Membrane Finance has announced that they will utilize Fireblocks to mint and secure their stablecoin, EUROe – Europe’s first EU-regulated full-reserve stablecoin and payment network. As the first Euro stablecoin in compliance with the forthcoming MiCA regulations, the EUROe fills a critical gap in the European market for digital assets and will enable broader development of the European digital asset ecosystem.

The stablecoin is fully backed one-for-one with Euros and is transactable on Ethereum, with planned support for an increasing number of blockchains. EUROe is registered in the EU as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

We have built an extremely streamlined back office tooling to support the issuance and redemption of EUROe using Fireblocks’ APIs while, ensuring that security is not compromised at any point, thanks to MPC-CMP.

Juuso Roinevirta Head of Growth

Membrane will power the treasury management operations of EUROe’s issuance and redemptions on Ethereum using Fireblocks’ tokenization engine and secure wallet infrastructure. In addition, EUROe will now be available to over 1,800 members on the Fireblocks Network, which is used everyday by thousands of organizations to securely transfer digital assets, and to date, has transferred over $4 trillion in digital assets. 

We are proud to work with innovators such as Membrane Finance, who are addressing the inefficiencies of legacy payments infrastructure with the introduction of the EUROe. We believe the EUROe will promote innovation in digital assets and accelerate adoption by financial institutions. We are excited to support the Membrane Finance team in realising their vision of EUROe to enable faster, more cost-efficient and transparent payments.

Varun Paul Director of CBDC and Market Infrastructure


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